#133 ASK Tracy Q&A: How to Focus (NOT Procrastinate) and Stay Motivated Everyday

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So many designers ask me how to focus on what really matters in business.

It can be hard, and I’ll admit I used to get distracted super easily and it hurt my sales because I couldn’t stay on track!

Which is why I love doing, Ask Tracy Q&A on the podcast!

I’m answering some great questions today (from designers like you) about how to focus and stay motivated…even when you’re a procrastination queen!

I know you struggle with this, but it’s not about being perfect it’s about making progress!

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Rule of Three

One big question is how to manage your time! It can be hard as a creative to plan out your day. I've got some great advice for you!

Structure your week using the rule of three! Focus on three commitments a week. Then break these down into three daily priorities. Start these first before anything else that day!

No Distractions

So you've got your commitments and priorities all picked out! The next step is to actually complete your daily tasks! Get started by turning off all distractions.

Set a timer for an hour or two. During this time turn off your Facebook notifications, texts, phone calls everything! This is your time to focus on your goals and priorities.

Find Your Tribe

It can be hard for creatives to learn the business side of making jewelry, I totally get it! But wasting time scouring the Internet for free advice or tutorials isn't productive. I encourage you to find a community that supports you!

One of the reasons we at Flourish and Thrive specifically teach how to run successful jewelry businesses is because Robin and I both have a hand in running successful jewelry businesses! This is our career, this is our industry! Finding a community like F&TA that’s specific to jewelry is the best way to get the right advice!

If you’re looking for step-by-step advice on building a profitable jewelry business, don’t miss out on Laying the Foundation LIVE!

xo, Tracy


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