#138 How to Test Your Opt-In Idea to Build Your Email List

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Having a healthy, growing email list is the number one way to grow your online jewelry business.

Maybe you heard me talk about this before, but seriously it’s true.

The main challenge, though, is getting people to actually sign up for your list!

I know you can relate.

Before you throw in the towel, there’s a bunch of ways to improve your strategy!

Maybe your offer isn’t enticing enough to convince them to take action.

Or maybe you don’t have your offer in the right spot and nobody even sees it!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Today, I’m giving you a 360 view of email opt in strategies, so listen now to experiment with these ideas to test out your opt in and build your email list!

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Give “Standalone” Value

A generic discount or free shipping offer often falls flat because people aren’t ready to buy anything when they first land on your site.

The reason you capture their email is to follow along with them until they’re ready to buy. So you need to give them something of value regardless if they buy from you or not. This is why most opt in offers don’t convert, but you need to test it for your brand.

Know Your Dream Clients

Your offer needs to speak directly to the needs and desires of your Dream Clients. The best way to know what’s going to work is offer different kinds of opt ins and see what people respond to.

Remember, you can offer something your Dream Clients are interested in beyond just jewelry. Maybe your brand is about empowering women so you want to test a freebie with a daily mantra for building confidence. It doesn’t need to always be about jewelry or fashion.

Track Your Metrics

Having multiple types of opt in offers is great, but you have to look at the data to see what’s actually working. You can’t set them up and cross your fingers.

Once you have them in place, develop a method for tracking your opt ins. Take down an offer if it’s not converting and replace it with something else. Testing only helps if you’re adjusting and learning from what you discover!

We have lots of resources about building your email list in other podcast episodes, check those out below if you’re ready to dive in!

xo, Tracy


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