Marie Forleo’s B-School: Can It Work For A Jewelry Business?

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As a jewelry designer or maker, you’re probably interested in moving to online sales.

There are so much upside and flexibility for you, but getting traction in a crowded online space is tough. Next thing you know, you’re not getting enough sales to keep your business going and you’re in frustration station!

Totally get it! I’ve been there.

One of the biggest problems I see designers make is they set up a Shopify website and expect customers to come running when they hit publish. They don’t create a fully branded online experience that attracts new and repeat customers to their website.

It’s no longer enough to just have a website to get online sales. You need to build a brand, start a conversation with your customers, and get them to share your story with their friends!


Honestly, sometimes you need a different perspective to show you what you’re missing. Something that’s obvious to someone else might be completely new to you!

The good news: it’s not impossible!

The GREAT news is there’s a program for that. It’s no secret a big part of my personal success can be credited to a program by Marie Forleo called, B-School.

I’m a HUGE fan of B-School because Marie’s method took me from bankrupt to highly profitable in less than 18 months. Granted, I had quite a bit of business experience, but it was still an amazing transformation.

As usual, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from jewelry designers like YOU about B-School, wondering if the program is right for them.

So let’s dive into how this program might benefit your jewelry brand (and if you decide it’s right for you, check out my 2018 bonus suite for enrolling with my partner link)!


Even if you don’t sign up for B School, you’re about to discover a lot of really useful online marketing advice (don’t skip a word especially if you’re trying to build your email list and get consistent sales on your jewelry website…)

When my first jewelry business failed, I needed to make massive changes especially since I planned to switch business models.

I tried many different strategies to attract my dream clients….

  • Beautiful website
  • Social media platforms
  • Email marketing CRM

But nothing was working or catching on…because it wasn’t enough to just have a beautiful website and marketing tools. I needed a plan and conversion strategy, but I didn’t know what that “plan” entailed.

When I stumbled upon Marie Forleo, I had a gut feeling B-School Program was for me. Something about her teaching style and the way the information was delivered just clicked! So I wasn’t surprised when I got great results.

Game changer!

Within 18 months, I went from $2000 in sales to $30,000 in profits / month. Then the waiting list of clients started, and that’s when thing started feeling real.

When attracting DREAM clients requires little to NO effort, you know you’re doing something right.

(That’s me on the couch with Marie, sharing my experience for the second time.)

Tracy and Marie on Couch

The B-School principles are timeless, it’s something every online business owner should know. I continue to apply what I’ve learned to build a waiting list of clients for my jewelry business for the past several years.

These results aren’t reserved for high price point, NYC jewelry designers. If you have the right tools, you can turn your jewelry business into a success!

That’s why I wanted to walk you through my review of B-School so you know a bit more about the program and how these principles will show up again and again…

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What is B-School and Who is it For?

B-School is an 8-week, online training program that teaches business owners effective marketing strategies and sales techniques to grow their online presence, create a business that is making money 24/7 and to help build a lifestyle that you love.

The course is catered to entrepreneurs who have existing physical products (like jewelry), services or brick and mortar stores who want to leverage the power of the internet to expand their reach.

You might be thinking, I’ve taken social media or SEO trainings and I didn’t get results. How will this work for me?

Well, most likely you didn’t have a bird’s eye view of an entire business strategy that will help you specifically with your “online” business.

How is it Different From Laying the Foundation?

I get asked this question all of the time!

So I wanted to show you the difference between these two programs.

Laying the Foundation is a program specifically for jewelry designers and makers. We walk you through building a solid jewelry brand and focus mostly on jewelry industry-specific topics like collection development, pricing, branding, industry specific sales, and a marketing overview. The focus is on all types of jewelry business models. Not just ONLINE business.

Marie Forleo’s B-School is a program dedicated specifically to grow your reach and business, online. Sure she covers some of the same “topics” like Marketing and Sales. However, there is nothing as in-depth as B-School for list building, content creation, marketing strategy, and lead generation. If you’re struggling to get more traffic and sales on your website, this course is for you.

One of the things that I personally found so valuable about B-School was catering marketing strategies and tactics from different industries and modeling them so they worked for my jewelry business.

How Can B-School Transform My Jewelry Business?

At the beginning of this post, I shared how B-School helped transform MY business… and it can do the same for YOURS!

If you’re feeling stuck in the friends and family circle, craft show circuit, or wholesale red tape, then increasing online sales and exposure is your way out!

Plus, even if you continue to sell to stores or do craft or trade shows, adding an online source is a great way to get consistent sales and make more profit on each piece of jewelry.

With Marie Forleo’s support and training, that transition is guaranteed to be straightforward, successful, and even fun!

B-School will help you to:

  • Gain total profit clarity to focus your energy on what will move the money needle
  • Design a HIGH converting website for consistent sales (not just a pretty one)
  • Build an email list that becomes your most valuable sales tool
  • Create a marketing strategy that seamlessly attracts your people
  • Develop strategic partnerships to reach new audiences
  • Leverage the power of social proof to build long-term trust, online

Here are the stories from a few more jewelry designers with similar success.

What Makes Marie Special?

Yes, Marie was named one of Oprah’s thought leaders for the next generation. However, she’s respected because her teachings actually work.

Marie has a unique teaching style that is straightforward and easy to understand. She has the ability to deliver information in a clear concise way that makes learning fun.

Plus, she keeps upgrading the materials to provide a seriously stellar program that creates the framework for anything from a little side-hustle jewelry biz, consistent online sales, and even an ecommerce powerhouse brand!

No matter what your goals are, Marie shows you the marketing strategy to get you there.

Personally, I love her teaching style, but it might not be for everyone (yep, she’s super positive, cracks jokes, and has a big personality).

The Course Content

You can view the entire course content over here.

B-School is released in weekly modules, you will receive easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and worksheets.

She covers the 6 Pillars of marketing your business online:

  • Profit clarity
  • Websites that sell and don’t suck
  • Creating an awesome communication plan
  • Solid list building strategies
  • How to create products and services that sell themselves
  • Marketing wisdom that will transform the way you promote your business

B-School also includes “Office Hours” where you can ask all your burning business and marketing questions to Marie herself!

PLUS, you’ll be a member for life which means you won’t lose access if you fall behind (and can retake the course for free every year!)

Is it really worth the investment?

This is usually the biggest sticking point for emerging jewelry brands…

And that’s not a bad thing. Obviously, if you’re struggling to put food on the table, this probably isn’t the right time to invest.

But if your situation isn’t so desperate, I encourage you to consider this…

Don’t look at the B-School registration fee simply as the price for the course – consider it to be an investment in yourself, in your business, and in your future.

As you can see from my personal experience, it’s truly an investment. It can pay for itself and then some, but only if you take action and follow through.

(Plus, Marie has also included an extended payment plan this year to help you budget.)

For me, it all started with a small leap of faith. I’m so glad I took the leap because now I’m seriously living my DREAM scenario in my life AND in my business!

Last, but not least…

Yes, the curriculum alone is an insane value, but if you sign up through the links in this post I’m going to add on my own personal suite of B-School Bonuses!


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Every time B-School comes around, I retake the course. You’ll enjoy my personal notes from the program. I’ll take detailed notes along the way, which I’ll send to you at the end of the program.


I definitely don’t want to leave you hanging! That’s why every week, I pop in and send you some love-notes and inspiration to keep you motivated. Let’s stay on track together!

Combined Total Value: $2000 in Bonuses

Join B-School Now!

Because I’m a proud partner, former student, and ambassador of B-School, I earn a commission on referring you to the program. This is a win, win, win situation!

You pay the same investment as anyone else, but I get a “thank you” from Marie and you get extra bonuses from me not offered anywhere else!

How cool is that?!

Sign up for B-School now and enjoy the F&TA Bonus Experience.

xo, Tracy