#144 The 5 Best Places You Must Use Video on Your Website

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Getting consistent jewelry sales starts with people getting to know you as a brand and designer.

One way to do this is by sharing a brand video that tells your story in a compelling way.

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to share your brand with people all around the world.

As business owners, you and I have a hundred things on our to-do list, so adding a brand video recording might not be a top priority.

I’m here to tell you, if you make this a priority you’ll see a dramatic shift in your sales.

Plus, if you do it right, you can use it for years and years in your business!

My brand video has been living on my website for about 5 years, and because of it I’ve effortlessly attracted clients willing to pay top dollar to work with me.

So I’m sharing all the ways you can use video to get similar results in your jewelry business, as soon as possible!

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Why You Need Videos

There’s a video feature on almost all social platforms these days. Mostly because people really like watching videos to learn and feel connected. It’s a way to really show people who you are and your posts will get rewarded by these social platforms if you share videos!

Social platforms want to show their users posts that other users like. So using video on Facebook and Instagram will help the organic reach of your posts. Plus, it helps boost your SEO (search engine optimization) if you have videos on your website.

Where to Put Your Videos

Your homepage can include videos in a unique way. Instead of having a hosted video of your brand, you can use what’s called b-roll in the background! It’s just footage of maybe people trying on your jewelry or you sketching, without words or music!

It’s a great way to create movement on your site without distracting people from reading about you! Another great place is your about page, which is where you can host your brand video and share the why behind your brand. I go into detail about this inthe episode, so listen now to get more tips!

I’m redoing my brand videos, too! So you’re not alone in this, it’s a continual process! I’ll share the video with you when it’s done, I’m excited!

xo, Tracy


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