#145 How to Create a Real Connection on Your Website with Your Dream Clients

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Your website is just one piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

If you want to really see results from your website, you gotta focus on other areas of the online world.

No matter how wonderfully optimized your website is, if you’re not connecting with your customers in other areas online, you won’t reach your sales potential.

When you focus on creating connection with your dream clients in person, on social platforms, and in other forms of the media, your website will effortlessly attract dream clients!

That definitely makes it work FOR you!

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Make Yourself Accessible

It’s important for you to be easy to reach. People have questions when they’re shopping online, so making it easy for them to get ahold of you is a courtesy not everyone thinks about!

Your dream clients shouldn’t have to hunt around to find a way to reach you! Make a connection by setting up a working contact form, include your phone number and business hours, and maybe even set up a live chat feature on your website. Your contact form should automatically send a confirmation email with a timeframe where you’ll get in touch with them.

Build Trust Right Away

When your autoresponder says you’ll contact them within 24 hours, make sure you actually do that! It’s a fantastic opportunity to show your potential clients you’re trustworthy and reliable.

Plus, you can give them clear next steps so they feel valued and supported even before they ever speak with you! Include a call to action to book a 1:1 call with you to talk about a custom project or whatever the most natural next step would be for the type of work you do! Listen to the show for more ideas!

Create Content That Connects

Think about the things your dream clients are interested in! What do they care about? What’s on their mind? What questions might they have about your buying process? Make videos, audios, or blog posts answering those questions!

However you can add value to their life or teach them something relevant to your brand values is going to create connection between you and your dream clients. It can’t always be about your jewelry, make it about the reason why you make jewelry and amp up your brand personality!

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