#156 The F&TA B’day Episode: How to Make Your Business Work for YOU (instead of the other way around)

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Time flies so fast, Flourish & Thrive Academy is 6 years old!

On our birthday, we like to reflect on lessons we learned over the years and what we want to pass on to you in your business!

The biggest favor you can do for yourself is make your business work for you!

If you don’t focus on this from the start, you can end up creating a schedule that doesn’t serve your goals or ultimate dreams.

You can get away from the WHY behind your enterprise, and getting back to what makes you excited is the best way to serve your clients.

It’s okay if things change because of this.

Let’s dive into this perspective on business, because it’s relevant to all stages!

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Focus on Your Goals

Comparing your business to someone else’s isn’t going to help you reach your goals. Just because someone else is in hundreds of stores or selling all around the world doesn’t mean you have to. One designers top account doesn’t have to be your dream account!

When you focus on your goals and how you want your life to look, it’s easier to stay on track. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to create a life and a company you love.

Embrace Growing “Pains”

When you’re hiring a team, it’s okay to realize some people won’t be with you forever. It doesn’t mean either of you are “bad” it just might not be a fit as you both evolve.

People can outgrow their position, or the enterprise can outgrow someone’s skill set. The needs and goals change over time, and that’s okay. Remember that you have a business relationship with your employees and contractors, not a personal one.

Honor the Phase You’re In

There are several phases of the maturation of a business. Getting it off the ground is going to feel different than the growth or expansion phase.

Focus on the most important parts of the phase you’re in. At the beginning you have to focus on sales. Once the money is coming in, you have to figure out how to structure your company to bring on a team and scale the business.

Be careful not to compare yourself to people in different phases, it’s totally okay to be where you are. Take things one step at a time!

xo, Tracy


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Even if you don’t win the grant, the process of applying gets you in the right mindset to be successful in your business long term!

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