How to Build a Trustworthy Jewelry Brand Using a Little TLC

How to Build a Trustworthy Jewelry Brand Using a Little TLC

If you're afraid of pricing your jewelry too high, you need to know the importance of building a trustworthy jewelry brand.


When Robin was working for Dogeared, a client told her that he didn’t trust the quality of the product she was selling because the price was so low.


It’s funny because in the same day, a client also told her that the prices were too high for their store.


Remember how important it is to know your dream client? Well, this is another example.


One of the things that Dogeared was really fantastic at and part of the reason she was able to help grow their business by 800% in just a few short years, was that they really focused on a niche in their industry.


Their products had broad appeal, so a lot of different types of stores would buy from them. Just like any company though, their product wasn’t for everyone.


You will never make every client happy.


This is why it is really important to continue to focus your energy on your dream clients.


They key is to build a trustworthy jewelry brand by creating confidence in the minds of your customers. Robin likes to call this, adding a little TLC.




Build trust with your clients by following through with what you say you will do. Fill your orders on time. Keep your communication clear and consistent. Be honest. If you can earn trust, you can sell anything to your client.


For example: you can build trust with a client by clearly communicating your production timeline with them and shipping on time.




Once your clients trust you, you have their loyalty. However, loyalty must be earned. You can keep clients for life by listening to them and by understanding their needs. When you understand what they need, you are able to service them better, which means, you guessed it, your jewelry is going to sell a lot better in their store. Win-Win for everyone.


For example: you can build loyalty with your client by listening when their clients ask for shorter necklace chains and responding to the demand.




Credibility comes from walking the walk not just talking the talk. Actions speak louder than words (or tweets or Facebook posts). Make sure you always under promise and over deliver. Tips to help with this are to make sure you are giving yourself enough space to blow their expectations out of the water.


For example: if you tell your client you're not sure that the specific stone they like is available, then you can over deliver by finding a better quality stone that totally exceeds their expectations!


Now that you have the TLC thing down, you know how to  build a trustworthy jewelry brand and you might notice your clients have more confidence in you as a designer!


In most cases, when you're just starting out, YOU are your brand. The confidence thing starts to have a trickle down effect, as well.


We want to hear from you. How are you using TLC to build a trustworthy jewelry business?


What're some struggles you're having building confidence in your brand? What makes you Loyal to a brand?