#157 How to Create 10x the Content in Half the Time

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Creating new content to keep up with your digital marketing can feel like a full time job.


I’m guessing you didn’t become a jewelry designer so you could write blog posts and Instagram captions 24/7?


But here’s a secret…


You don’t have to be doing “all the things” you just have to do a few things very well.


Which is why I invited Darian Chavez, Copywriter at DNCcopywriting.com and our very own SOS coach, on the show!


She’s sharing her tips for getting your ideas out of your head and onto the screen in front of your dream client!


The best part is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.


Let’s dive right in and find out ALL her tips for quick content that converts!


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Listen to Your Audience


Getting ideas for content doesn’t have to come from you. The best place to get inspired is actually by asking your customers and dream clients!


If you don’t have an email list or group of them waiting to take a poll, just find them on social media and see what they’re saying. You can even find online forums or Google Trends to see what people are curious about as it relates to your jewelry niche.


Repurpose Your Words


Nobody is going to read every word you write. That’s a good thing! It means you can take ideas, phrases, and even whole paragraphs from a blog post and use it as a social caption!


All you need to do is tweak it a little so it fits with the platform and you just saved yourself a ton of time! Plus, remember your creative energy is precious. If you can easily repurpose a few sentences from a blog post for an Instagram caption – do it.


Stop Writing – Start Talking


Lots of creatives struggle to put pen to paper – or finger tips to keys. So stop fighting it and stop writing it! Use a voice-to-text application, Google docs has one that’s great.


You can talk out your idea and at least get something on the page you can edit later. Better yet, send that to your virtual assistant or content writer and they can edit it for you! Focus on what you’re good at and make it work for you.


Darian is hosting a masterclass to help you plan your content for your holiday sales campaigns!


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xo, Tracy




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