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Archive for November 2013

How to Create an Awesome Newsletter (that people read)

We can’t believe how quickly the holiday season approached! As you know, it’s all about making sales happen from this point forward. The mad rush of holiday shopping starts on Thanksgiving weekend in the US with sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What are you offering to your list? Today I want to give…

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Year End Accounting Strategies for Jewelry Designers

Guest Author: Mariel Heart Hello dear jewelry insider, are you a one-person enterprise wearing all the hats? Or, have you stepped up to professional level and have help allowing you to focus on your specialties? In whatever phase of entrepreneurship you are in, please make sure these important year-end accounting practices are being done. It…

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Designer Spotlight: Nicky Ruxton

A brief story of what you do and why you do it. I collect all kinds of small used findings and love the process of letting the objects tell me what they want to be. The jewelry is an extension of my passion for collage. I love working with unusual materials, recycled materials, and the…

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FREE Q&A call with Tracy & Robin

We like to do this from time to time, have a FREE call to answer any and all of your jewelry business questions. In celebration of the early-bird enrollment for Laying the Foundation, we are hosting a call on Monday, November 11th. Fill in your info below to access the replay for free!

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Designer Spotlight: Martha Inez Gonzalez

A brief story of what you do and why you do it: Each of the unique pieces of jewelry I create benefit a wonderful organization. I feel good knowing that when one of my products sell part of the proceeds from that sale will go to benefit a wonderful organization. Creating and designing jewelry not…

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