How to Create an Awesome Newsletter (that people read)

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We can’t believe how quickly the holiday season approached! As you know, it’s all about making sales happen from this point forward. The mad rush of holiday shopping starts on Thanksgiving weekend in the US with sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Today I want to give you some simple tips on how to create an awesome newsletter that people will read.

#1. Write a catchy headline that grabs your readers’ attention.

Here are a few that we brainstormed and pulled from our friend Melissa Cassera’s post on How to Write Compelling Headlines.

“FREE gift with purchase today only”

“5 gift ideas for under $X”

“Festive earrings for every budget”

#2. Personalize the name field if possible.

You can personalize the name field in programs like Mailchimp or AWebber. If you have not collected first names and only have email addresses, make sure you start your newsletter with a salutation that does not require a subsequent first name.

#3. Show beautiful images of your work.

Showing images of your work in your newsletter might be a no-brainer, but you want the images to look great. Make sure you are sending beautifully styled photos with props or professional quality images (on a white background).

#4. Start with a relevant story about something that is going on with your life or with your brand.

Using personal stories and experiences helps to create a connection with your clients. People love to purchase from designers they like and feel a connection with.

#5. Create a strong call to action (aka get them to your products to purchase).

End your newsletter with a strong call to action. Get them onto your website so that they can purchase your jewelry.

Go here to read a few pointers about creating a strong call to action.

Use the tips above to craft your Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails!

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, answer the following questions:

1. Have you been writing a newsletter? If so, which of the tips above have you been using or would like to use?

2. Do you have any unique writing tips that have helped you convert sales in your newsletter?

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