15 Sales & Marketing ideas to make your Cyber Monday (and Black Friday) a success

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You’ve been planning, plotting and preparing and the time has finally arrived…

the holiday sales season is in full force! Black Friday marks the “start” of the retail season for holiday gift purchases. For those of you with an online jewelry business, Cyber Monday is a very important way to kick-start sales. Robin and I decided to make it short and sweet this week and give you 15 Sales and Marketing ideas to make your Cyber Monday a success. Sales Ideas

  1. Offer Free Shipping on Purchases that Day
  2. Offer Limited Edition Pieces that are only available that day
  3. Include a Gift with Purchase on orders made only that day
  4. Create Pre-Packaged Styles Available for Just that Day
  5. Offer a Discount for the Day
  6. Have a Two for One Special for Older Items available for “Just that Day”
  7. Tease Your Promotion in Advance to Encourage Sharing
  8. Give Incentives for Sharing and Referrals
  9. Give Multiple Items Incentives

Marketing Ideas

  1. Send Out an Email to your List in the Morning and in the Evening
  2. Ask you Friends & Family to Share your Promotion
  3. Promote this on the Social Media Platforms you Use Most Frequently
  4. Send out a Gift Giving Checklist In Advance
  5. Offer Free Gift Wrapping
  6. Create an Event on Facebook and Pinterest and Promote the Post

Ultimately, you want to make this easy on yourself. If you’re super gung ho, you can try several of these sales and marketing ideas for Cyber Monday (or Black Friday). You will get the best results, however, by focusing on just a few of these tips. Do you have any promotional ideas for Cyber Monday or Black Friday? Which of the tips are you going to use? Please tell us in the comments below. A jewelry designer's guide to having a successful Cyber Monday (and Black Friday) via @Flourish_Thrive