#191 Train Your Customers To Buy From You Online

By Tracy Matthews / February 28, 2019

Yes, you can sell your jewelry online! Or have you been doubting yourself? We all feel great doing what we know…but why is it so hard to pivot out of our routines? The real big struggle is when…

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#190 4 Things Standing in the Way of Reaching Your Money Goals in the Next 90 Days w/ Anna Shilina

By Tracy Matthews / February 26, 2019

Meet Anna Shilina — she’ll help you make more money! At the end of the day we’re all responsible for our own businesses, right? And if you’re not showing up for your business then you could be making…

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#184 The Truth About Why Most Jewelry Businesses are Broke (and What to Do About It)

By Tracy Matthews / January 16, 2019

Do you ever feel stressed about money in your business? 💳 No matter how hard you try to make sales and keep the cash flow coming in, you can’t seem to keep the money in your account or…

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#183 How to Simplify Your Business to Make More Money This Year

By Tracy Matthews / January 8, 2019

What’s your word of the year? My word of the year for 2019 is ELEVATE! Last year, my word of the year was SIMPLIFY here’s why… Have you ever felt that making money is hard because there are…

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#94 How to Attract Massive Publicity by Applying for Grants and Awards

By Tracy Matthews / May 23, 2017

“Fake it ‘til you Make it”   I used to say that to my yoga students all of the time when I would teach them arm balances.   Guess what, it works! They would believe they could levitate…

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#81 Where Should I Invest My Money to Grow My Jewelry Business?

By Tracy Matthews / February 21, 2017

There are three things in life. The things you know, the things you don’t know, and the things you don’t know you don’t know.   That last one can get you into serious trouble! It was also me…

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#71 Fun Financial Planning for Your Jewelry Business with Justin Krane

By Tracy Matthews / December 13, 2016

Who said financial planning has to be a chore? Stressing over a mess of paper is so last year.   Well, maybe you can’t get rid of the papers, but, it can totally be fun.   I’m serious!…

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#67 Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Jewelry Biz

By Tracy Matthews / November 14, 2016

How many of you donate to charities or a cause that you’re passionate about?   How many of you WANT to donate a percentage of sales or profits to your favorite cause, but aren’t sure where to begin?…

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#41 How To Win A Grant For Your Jewelry Business with Hilary Halstead Scott

By Tracy Matthews / May 17, 2016

It’s the saddest story in the jewelry industry-   A talented designer pulls the plug on their jewelry biz too soon because there’s nobody to come alongside them and teach them the business component of their creative passion.…

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#40: The Biggest Pricing Mistakes That Cost You Big Time

By Tracy Matthews / May 10, 2016

Let’s go back to school today…   Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten feedback that your jewelry is priced too high or too low.   Raise your hand if you aren’t making enough sales because of price…

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