#38 Easy Sourcing Strategies for Your Jewelry Business

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Sourcing, Sourcing Sourcing…it’s a thorn in our side as designers and jewelry makers.


I know many of YOU get seriously overwhelmed by sourcing.


I’ll be honest: I even got anxiety when planning this podcast!


(I’m searching for some new rose cut diamond dealers~argh!)


So, why is sourcing such a struggle?


Well, it doesn’t have to be! In this episode, I am going to walk you through some easy strategies to help you out with easy sourcing for manufacturers and suppliers.


Let's do this.


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Start Locally


Working with local vendors and manufacturers is probably one of the best and most manageable sourcing strategies for designers today.


Wherever you’re located, starting locally will give you more control, as all the businesses and contractors you work with will be just a quick drive away!


Find One-Stop Shop Manufacturers


While working with local businesses gives you a leg up, the convenience of one-stop shop manufacturers that can “do it all” can actually end up saving you money.


These type of manufacturers that can easily create the type of jewelry you make from start to finish, without any need to send the pieces off to additional manufacturers. Pretty cool, right?


Take It Slow


There’s no need to place a huge order when you first start a relationship with a vendor. To start, order small quantities out to test out the quality. Make sure you really like the manufacturer’s end product before ordering too much!


If there’s one thing you take away here: Diving in without testing the waters is a recipe for a sourcing disaster!


If you want to learn more about everything I discussed above, PLUS how to find manufacturers and how to build great sourcing relationships, take a listen to the podcast (above)!


After listening, I know some of you may still feel overwhelmed.


That’s exactly why we created an amazing FREE resource for you!




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