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Why Responsible Jewelry Suppliers are Important Now More Than Ever

responsible jewelry suppliers

As your business grows and you start to outsource production, make sure you’re working with responsible jewelry suppliers.   The quality of vendors you partner with goes beyond just materials or aesthetic. It’s vitally important to remember, you’re legally responsible for the metal content of your jewelry.   Even a clasp at the end of…

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#38 Easy Sourcing Strategies for Your Jewelry Business

Sourcing, Sourcing Sourcing…it’s a thorn in our side as designers and jewelry makers. I know many of YOU get seriously overwhelmed by sourcing. I’ll be honest: I even got anxiety when planning this podcast! (I’m searching for some new rose cut diamond dealers~argh!) So, why is sourcing such a struggle? Well, it doesn’t have to…

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14 Inventory Reduction Strategies for Jewelry Businesses

Are you a victim of bright shiny object syndrome? Do you Buy loads of materials that inspire you without really thinking about how you are going to create, sell, and market the finished good? Holding on to inventory without a solid inventory reduction strategy can be detrimental to your jewelry business. If you are anything…

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Secrets to Effortless Sourcing For Your Jewelry Business

Today, you are in luck! I am thrilled to be talking with Matthew Burnett today! Matt is the CEO and Co-Founder of Maker’s Row, an online marketplace for American manufacturers. In this video you are going to learn: Why communication is key when it comes to sourcing. The benefits of sourcing locally. Why faster sourcing…

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