#169 How to Create a Beautiful Branded Photoshoot on the Cheap with Karina Harris

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Great photography helps elevate your brand and build trust with customers.

But a beautifully branded photoshoot? Not always affordable!

There are ways to do consistent photoshoots on a budget, just ask Karina Harris of Waffles & Honey.

Karina was part of the Flourish & Thrive Mastermind a few years back, and she’s been killing it since she went full time in her business a few years ago.

One of the best things about her brand is her visual aesthetic.

A big part of that is because of her beautiful photography! It’s so consistent and on brand.

The best part?

She does it without breaking the bank. You can borrow all her tricks by listening right now!

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Plan Ahead

Doing 2-3 styled shoots every year ensures that you always have fresh photos of your jewelry. At the same time, you’re not breaking the bank on pictures by doing things at the last minute.

Think about what types of shots you need and think about location, props, etc. Be careful not to dress models in clothes that will distract from your jewelry! Busy patterns and bright colors are awesome, but you want to keep the focus on your designs.

Keep an Inspiration List

See an image that strikes you? Take a screenshot! Then, you can add it to a private Pinterest board you can look at during the photoshoot.

Collect these throughout the year and keep a running list of ideas. You can always refer back to your board, stockpile shots, and get the exact feel and look you want for your brand shoot. This helps you notice themes and consistencies that will become your specific style.

Finding a Photographer

Always be open to asking for referrals! If you’re talking to someone who mentions a photographer, or they’re a photographer, get their info! Then, when you’re ready to hire, you already have a list to choose from.

The sweet spot for photographers if you’re on a budget is someone who’s new, but has a portfolio. This way you can bet they know what they’re doing, but it’s not going to cost you top dollar.

Karina has some really smart questions to ask before hiring, listen now to see what they are!

xo, Tracy

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