#168 How to Get Your Jewelry Into Luxury Retail with Delia Folk

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Luxury retail is all about your brand, not the materials you design with.


Jewelry buyers are looking for exclusive brands, new designs, and fresh takes on trends!


So if your jewelry falls into any of those categories, don’t discount yourself and think luxury retail isn’t for you!


Our guest today is sharing incredible insights on what luxury retail buyers are looking for in new jewelry designers.


Her name is Delia Folk and she works in the Buying Office at a luxury retailer, Barney’s.  She seeks to discover and nurture emerging designers, spot the latest trends, and give insight into a career in the fashion industry.


She’s giving great insights on this episode, so tune in now!


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Surprise & Delight


Luxury retailers are looking for something no one’s ever seen before. They want to have their finger on the pulse of the industry, so you have to have a “wow” factor.


Whether you’re a new designer, or you’re new to the American market, you have a leg up on the competition. Look to fill the gaps in their aesthetic. Maybe they’re missing a dainty fine jewelry line, and yours is perfect for them.


Embrace Your Exclusivity


Instead of making it look like you’re already a big success, some luxury retail stores are more likely to pick up lines that are emerging. They want to be the first to carry jewelry from a designer. That’s what luxury is all about, what you think of it! Being the first to carry something, an exclusive line, or very limited collection.


Showing that you’re not in other luxury retail stores can actually help you. This helps give them a competitive advantage over other luxury retail stores.

Make it Easy


Buyers and their executive team are incredibly busy. Never put too much text in your email pitch to them. Always use pictures! Include or easily attach a lookbook and line sheet. Don’t make them click around your website or download something in order to see your designs. You jewelry should be one of the first things they see.


Along with that, provide links to your website, Instagram, and list any press coverage or distribution you already have. This provides social proof to the buyer than you’re a legitimate brand they can trust.


xo, Tracy


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