How to sell with confidence, make more cash, and rule your market

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When I was first starting out as a jewelry designer, I was a little shy. Curiously, I have always felt comfortable selling. In fact, when I first started my jewelry business, I was one of the top sales people on my floor at Nordstrom.

I could sell anything.

However, the thought of trying to sell my own jewelry put this crazy pit in my stomach and often times hiding in a corner seemed like a better idea than talking to anyone about my jewelry.

Well, that has completely changed. The shift started actually on the sales floors at Nordstrom when my clients started complimenting me on my jewelry.

When I got the confidence to talk about my work, people wanted it. It wasn’t even like selling. My first business model was literally selling my pieces off of my own neck (or fingers or ears!).

What I immediately noticed was this: the more I owned my craft and the more confidence I had in myself, the easier it was to peddle my jewelry.

Honestly, it is effortless for me now to sell, because I think of selling more like a game and a service to others than trying to “pitch” or “push” my jewelry on people.

All I needed to muster up was a little confidence and a strong belief in my talent as a designer

The rest took care of itself. Here I am, almost 20 years later, sustaining a profitable business these days as a jewelry designer.

Today, I am super excited to interview Erika Lyremark of the She is the author of Think Like a Stripper:: Business lessons to up your confidence, attract more clients & rule your market.

I wanted to interview Erika today because she is an amazing mentor and salesperson. In fact, Erika was one of the business coaches I was working with the month before I had my biggest month in profits ever!

In this interview, we talk about:

  • how owning your craft and believing in your work is the key to sales success
  • how confidence changes everything
  • why creating a sales “alter-ego” combats fear

A big thanks to Erika! We are also so thrilled to have Erika joining us as a guest contributor to Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales.

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  1. Are you afraid to sell your own line?
  2. If so, what have you done to overcome fear?
  3. If you had to pick an alter-ego, what would he/she be called?

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