How to Stay “Top of Mind” to Editors (and Bloggers)

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Woot, I am super excited because I am interviewing some awesome people today for our Thrive by Design podcast that’s launching this Fall!

One of those people is Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip!

She is absolutely one of my favorite jewelry bloggers and totes adorable..isn’t she?

Last week, on a call for our Diamond Insiders Club, a designer asked a great question:

(I’m paraphrasing here)…

“I want to sell my jewelry on my website, but I am new to the industry. My price points will run around $500-$3000. Since I am new to the industry and my name is not well known yet, how can I get exposure for my brand and start directing traffic to my website?’

When you are trying to get noticed by your ideal, DREAM clients, you need to get massive exposure! Especially (though not only) when you are selling at a high price point.

What is the best way to get the best exposure for your efforts?

Sure, social media can help get you recognition and build your following. However, if you are just starting out, sometimes it takes a lot of time.

The BEST way to get exposure, gain credibility and build traction for your jewelry brand is to get noticed and covered in magazines, newspapers and popular blogs!

In my experience, there is nothing as powerful as some coverage (or endorsement) in a great spread by InStyle or a mention in Lucky. Or even a regram or post from an influential blogger like GemGossip.

You might be asking: “But Tracy, isn’t it hard to get noticed by editors and bloggers?”

Yes and No!

Today I want to walk you through some of my favorite hacks so you can learn How to Stay “Top of Mind” to Editors (and Bloggers).

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It doesn’t matter if your jewelry is $30 or $30,000: exposure is the key to getting more sales and building a profitable jewelry brand.

At the end of the day, my advice is to be resourceful, be consistent and use the best practices I mention to stay in the forefront of editors’ and bloggers’ minds.

Now, in the video, I mention a great resource dedicated to streamlining the editorial pitching process. Using a tool like Get Media Happy is going to fast track you to success!

Robin and I only partner with people that we truly believe in. That’s why we are happy to tell you about Andreea Ayers and GMN. We’ve witnessed multiple designers already have great success here getting loads of coverage.

Yes, we are huge fans of Get Media Happy and we definitely think you should check it out!

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Ok now that you’ve watched the video, in the comments below we’d love to hear more about your experience.

What is holding you back from pitching press and how have you successfully stayed top of mind to editors?

xo, Tracy & Robin