#297 How to Unlock More Creativity (and Prosperity) in Your Business with Patricia Lohan

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The energy of your home or office could be affecting your motivation, creativity, and ability to attract prosperity into your life.

Patricia Lohan is a Feng Shui expert, manifesting magnet, alchemist, healer, spiritual nomad, and real-life Irish Celtic Shaman. 

Let’s talk about how you can quit being camera shy and start showing up with confidence in your brand videos.

Some people call her the “Mary Poppins of Prosperity, Abundance, and Peace of Mind.” 

Plus, she has an amazing challenge coming up that will teach you how to unlock prosperity in your home and turn it into a high-powered magnet for attracting what you need in your life.

I’m taking it, and you should too!

Today, she came on the show with me to talk about all the ways she’s witnessed feng shui benefit her clients’ love lives, businesses, and personal happiness – and how you can implement feng shui in your own life!

How to Unlock More Creativity (and Prosperity) in Your Business with Patricia Lohan Show notes

“Every house is totally unique and has its own energy imprint. And also the people that move into it are going to be impacted in different ways depending on their own constitution or their energy. So it's kind of the dance between both of those, which is so powerful.”

Welcome to Thrive by Design, the podcast for ambitious independent jewelry brands, looking to profit from their products, get ready to make more and sell more doing what you love, without spending every single waking minute doing it. Hey, and if you're a creative fashion or product-based business, I want to welcome you to the show. I'll be dropping big tips on launching, growing, and scaling your business. Spend more of your precious time using your creativity to make you ready. All right, let's do this.

Tracy: Welcome to the Thrive by Design podcast episode 297. Hey there, it's Tracy Matthews, Chief Visionary Officer of Flourish and Thrive Academy. If you have ever gotten in a rut, or felt stagnant with your business, or felt like you were losing your creative juices, or for any reason at all, you're kind of like, I feel like I'm doing all the things but the prosperity isn't flowing in. 

You are going to love this episode. Today, I have my dear friend, Patricia Lohan on the show, and she is going to be talking all about how to unlock more creativity and prosperity in your business. Patricia helps women and men too, of course, create homes that are powerhouses for manifesting everything that they're trying to create in their life. So she uses the Feng Shui methodology to help untapped creativity, abundance, prosperity, all the things and I'm so excited for this episode, because it's so first of all, it's super fun, you're going to hear a little bit of the backstory about how patrician I met.

Plus, we're going to share with you an amazing challenge that Patricia has come forth. It's really about how to unlock the prosperity that's already within your home. So if you want to learn more about that, and participate in this free challenge, I'm going to be there. It starts on April 15. So you definitely want to head over right now to flourishthriveacademy.com/prosperity to sign up today because you don't want to miss this challenge. 

I'm going to be there. We're going to be partying together because I think we all could use a little more abundance in our lives in general, and a lot more creativity, right? Since this episode is pretty lengthy. And I kind of talked about the backstory about how I met Patricia and all the things in the interview, I'm just gonna go straight into the interview because you definitely want to hear everything that Patricia has to say. She's just such a lovely, like a ball of light over here. So I'm excited. Let's dive in. 

Tracy: I am beyond thrilled to have my friend Patricia Lohan on the show today, Patricia.

Patricia I am great. I'm so excited to talk to you.

Tracy: It is so good to see your face. So we had such an amazing experience. Patricia and I met at a conference a couple of years ago. And it was like the universe aligned that we had to meet because we first met in line at a salad bar. And then the next day we were at another event together. And then the next day we were at another event. And it was just forcing us to be friends  

Patricia Literally forcing us together. 

Tracy You moved to New York City like a couple months later for like an extended stay in the summer I think, right?

Patricia That's right. We were there for the summer. So missing life in New York.

Tracy Oh my gosh. And then we had a blast. One night we went out and we ended up getting caught in the rain. We had dinner I see us getting caught in the rain. We're paying our bill. We're like, oh, let's just have one more glass of rosae get stuck in the rain. And then we ended up stuck  for hours and then went off and went somewhere else. It was just like random New York experiences. So fun.

Patricia So fun. Oh my god, New York is amazing. We'd such a good time that night.

Tracy Oh, so much fun. But that's not really what we're going to talk about. I mean, I just spent the last 20 minutes catching up on our personal lives, which has been amazing. So you know, I actually wanted to have Patricia on the show today because she talks about using Feng Shui to create more creativity in your life and use that to actually feel your business. So we're going to talk about how to really like to set up your home and your office space to create more creativity, which eventually and essentially leads to more growth and abundance and all the best things that you can possibly have in business. So Patricia, I would love before we get started for you just give us a little bit about your background.

Patricia Yeah, well, I got my first Feng Shui books about when I was 15. So I am all in on talking about Feng Shui and I'm super excited to share about that. And I've also been like a serial entrepreneur. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My parents have their own businesses. I think they had like 10 businesses and it all over over many, many years. So it's been in my blood to really, you know, support and do entrepreneurial stuff, but also Feng Shui the two of them. So I'm from the west coast of Ireland, I'm here we're recording of him Patrick's Day, 

Tracy Which is so funny.

Patricia And I didn't quite like I didn't actually realize that this is going to impart like no idea I would ever be teaching Feng Shui or doing this work. You know, from a very entrepreneurial family, I really wanted a nine to five job I wanted to be normal, like I really tried so hard, like normal and I went to university, I studied business, I got a job in accounting, and then in marketing, and I like literally like weeks after being in the cubicle, I'd be like, get me out!

So my, one of my core values. And so I realized this is not for me, I ended up actually going back to my hometown and helping my dad set up one of his dream businesses. And I ran that for nine years, not knowing what I was going to do. I kind of was fulfilling everybody else's dream, quit everything, then  like midlife crisis, or, you know, just like get out. Everything has to go. And I moved to India and became a yoga teacher. And, of course, all of these amazing things.

I went to India. I thought I was going to be there for a month. I ended up there nearly a year in a very intense spiritual awakening for that journey. It was pretty magical. And I came back to Ireland, I started teaching yoga, sound healing, all these other modalities that I trained and I was working very busy with my practice, my clients were coming to me, I was clearing beliefs and trauma and all of this stuff. It was amazing. Just so fabulous. But inside of me, I knew I wanted to call in love and I got a new apartment. 

So you know, at the time I was like cycling on my bicycle, going to do my classes, like super like chill little, you know, spiritual girl living on like the red line, you know, earn five euros for teaching a yoga class. And so I am there, I got this new apartment finally. And I'm like, I'm ready for love. I'm ready for this. So I set up my apartment to call in my man and I did all the things that I just knew from those books with the 15 year old and from just like researching was like, Okay, I'm gonna do this. So I set everything up. And a few months later, I met and literally I walked around this house, I'm knowing that he had built and I was like, he's Feng Shuing. He's Feng Shuied. And he didn't admit it in the beginning. 

But eventually, it came out that he had totally Feng Shuied his place as well. And you know, Tracy knows Ken but we are like a match made in heaven like total Kismet destiny. And the fact that he was into Feng Shui was just fascinating. So we both decided like, let's go train and do this just for our own fascination. So everybody around me at the time like all the women around me single, they're like, How did you meet Ken? There's no spiritual guides. They don't exist, like people are interested, so hard, like, and I was like, Oh, no, like they do have like, found one. They're like, you only got the only one. So that was kind of part of it. People started asking me and I would start telling them like, what it did. This is what I did. 

And Ken and I started Feng Shuing training together. Totally we were like, just out of an interest in a passion did our own house so this date I moved in here to the house, and I Feng Shuied  our own house. And within weeks, I had like a six figure windfall, like out of nowhere, I was like, what, so this has had no furniture we had like a kind of like a driveway that was like total shambles. Like everything was really really a mess. And all of a sudden we have this like money to finish the house, do the driveway to help Patricia and a lovely new car. So from cycling around and our car everyone was like what the hell and I was like, so visible like everything was getting these upgrades. So that was like a big thing.

We're like, wow, like is not just about like making your house feel good. It's like literally tangible things were like happening. So I was getting more clients I was being seen on the TV. And it was like such a kind of it was one of these interesting times where I was working with my clients and with them one to one in a different room in my practice therapy room. And what was what really dawned on me was like, hey, hang on a minute, like they're getting to this certain level in their lives, like they're getting to they're doing this amazing work. I this woman who's getting a PhD and she going every morning eating all this vegan foods doing water mantras, like she was literally following the books like you name it, she was doing it all but she was still coming back kind of not progressing as much unless like, what the hell and then I can I come to your house, you know,  come at me from my house. And I got to her house. I'm literally like, Oh, this is it, like it was just not aligned it was bad for people, bad for money, it was just like basically everything possible. 

So, you know, everything she was doing internally was helping but it was the house with dense physical energy that was holding her back. And that was really what kind of drew me back to this work and kind of got me into it. Because obviously people are asking me, my clients started, I started doing both like doing the internal and then their homes. And it was like magic started unfolding for them. So that's my kind of like, wake blown out of like, how we got into it. And Ken and I decided to go on honeymoon, and we kind of never came back. Like we're back in Ireland. Now. I still think we're not permanently back here. So we went to Bali, and I thought I was going to be able to do something I didn't even know what I was gonna do. Ken called his job, his old job as an engineer was going to keep him more in work. And I don't know, I just thought I was gonna like to flow to the beach, you know, in Bali. And then that didn't work. Like he wasn't getting that work. And we're like, okay, we're being pushed to do something else. So we started teaching Feng Shui online, and that has rippled into now working with 1000s of people around the world. I'm probably like really changing the way Feng Shui is done. 

You know, it was traditionally a practice where you would go to someone's house, analyze and draw the plants, do everything for them, and kind of give them this is what you need to do. And it was too much information in one go, they didn't have that sense of support and community. I'm a total connector. I love people together. And that's what's unfolded is we've just created this amazing community of women who we show we still do the personalization. So it's like this dance between, like, you know, they have to still take their own lead with their house, but they know exactly and get the personal guidance as well. So we've got to revolutionize the way Feng Shui is done. And yeah, it's been a magical journey of, you know, using this practice to support people grow and flourish and see amazing results.

Tracy You having them flourish and thrive. Of course you are. I mean, before we move on to some of the tactical things that we're going to talk about today and the philosophy behind Feng Shui, we have to talk about your rings, because you have because you told me the story once that you like all you picked out your your dream engagement ring.

Patricia Yes. 

Tracy And then your mom gave it to you, right? Tell me again.

Patricia Okay, so anyways, one of the things I do is I Feng Shui on my vision board. Obviously, my house is Feng Shuied. We Feng Shuied my vision board. So I created a vision board. And I remember my friend who just got engaged and showed me her engagement ring. And she goes, I was like, Oh my god, it's amazing. She's like, it's exactly what I wanted. And that like, triggered this thing in my mind. Like, it's exactly what I wanted, what kind of thing do I want? 

Patricia So I had never thought about it. So I was like, okay, so I created my Pinterest boards, and I was analyzing what I was looking at, and then I couldn't really decide between two I was like, this one's really nice. This is really nice. I don't want a diamond band. So I put two making two big, massive giant things on my board. And another one we'd like diamonds. And then I had to say to Ken of dope, like, it's not an immediate thing. Like, it's not like not not urgent. Just so you know. And then obviously, we were getting on  and kind of talked about rings. And then we were like, okay, so we got engaged. And I had found this ring in the shop. And I said to him, like oh my god, like, I think I found the ring. And he went off and got the ring and that was fine. And we got engaged a few months later. And while we were on holidays in Australia, so we got engaged, we went off my family of all my family were in Australia at the time, we're having Christmas in New Year's there. And I got engaged and we wrapped up with the news, the surprise news.

And I come out I'm like showing the ring to everyone and my mom is like wait like she turns into a ghost and she's like, oh, and I was like god like that's not a way to like congratulate your daughter about like getting engaged. She literally just was like and she walked off and like all my sisters and my dad everyone's like super excited that champagne be popped and my mom was like going off over like the hell. So anyways, and I didn't know this about my mom or my or her plan but she had actually over her she's really into jewelry like loves her bling, like beautiful pieces over the years and you get them for different occasions and she has her own jeweler who makes the stuff for her. So you know, we're into this. But over the years she'd been buying rings, she bought three rings, his three daughters, she bought three rings, and each one was designated to a different daughter.

I didn't know this. I'd seen those rings in her jewelry box, but I didn't know who they were for a while. And the ring that she bought me that she had bought for me probably 12 years earlier was literally I like pretty much identical like they're very the same shape the same thing. They're really really like, she was like oh my god, she has the ring. She was like, she thought you stole it out of the drawer. But she didn't know whether she didn't know what she was just so confused because she'd never seen this ring before. Like, she'd never seen a ring like it other rings like it. So she was like, is that the ring? What the hell happened? She was so confused. Then she came back and she looked and she was like, oh, okay, and then all of a sudden, like a year later, she didn't say anything. She was like, congratulations, whatever. And a year later on my birthday, she was like, now that you've minded one diamond a year, I'm gonna give you another one. She gave me the other one. I handed it to me. And she's like, you can see why I was so shocked. And they're identical.

Tracy Did your mom like to give this to you on a specific birthday or something? Like what was she holding on to them for?

Patricia So she was holding on to them. First of all, over the years, we wouldn't be given lots of really nice jewelry, amazing watches and everything. And we lost so much that me and my sisters were like, you know, rough things are just gone missing. My dad had given us beautiful gold chains and stuff. And just all like gone. So what how it has turned out is basically when my other sister got engaged. And a year later, my mom would be like, Oh, you still kept that ring for a whole year? you could have the other one now. And that's how it's worked out. So I have these identical rings. But it was only till I came home. And like after we go straight to the ring mom gave me I look up on my vision board. And there's two diamond rings and the band with the diamonds. And I was like oh, seriously crazy. So amazing.

Tracy So amazing. I love it. Okay, so now on to like a really, really here to talk about but know how to talk about the jewelry because there's so many people who love jewelry in this audience and design it. So what is Feng Shui? Why don't you kind of explain and walk us through that?

Patricia Okay, so Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home. Okay, so we have, you know, this is where I bring it down to basics. Just like a person, our house has its own energy field. And parts of it are really healthy and happy and are helping us to flourish and thrive. And other parts are just not so healthy. They're just like, not so happy. And they're actually kind of pulling us back. So then oftentimes, it's where we've got to a stage in our life. And we're like, I'm doing all the things. But why am I? Why isn't this happening? Why haven't I met my husband? Why? Why is money a bit tricky? Why am I not able to be seen in the media, like those kinds of questions and you're like, I'm trying, but it's just not happening. And oftentimes, like when someone comes into my world, I'm able to be like, Well, the reason that this is is because of this, and that's what it is, it's like what we're doing with Feng Shui is, we're analyzing the energy. 

So when I work with clients, or in our program, we do like an astrology reading for your home. And we're like, oh, this is it. And it's based on the year that the house is born like it's built, that gives me impressions. And I think this is also something that a lot of people don't realize about Feng Shui is that, you know, we can buy a book and DIY it. But actually, it's bespoke. So every single piece, every single home, like it's like a piece of jewelry, like everyone's journey is unique. But every house is totally unique and has its own energy imprint. And also the people that move into it are going to be impacted in different ways depending on their own constitution or their energy. So it's kind of the dance between both of those, which is so powerful. Because when we think about the power of the idea of Feng Shui is that it's like an ancient practice. And when it was first created, it was really about good health and good harvest. So health, like everybody wants to be healthy. So the house was always about creating health. But the other side is about the wealth, the harvest, like you reap what you sow.

And so when we look from that perspective, it's about bringing your house into this sense of balance, the sense of total harmony and balance. And I love the idea of connecting it. So we're connecting, like bringing source energy in connecting it into this rhythm of nature, because we're working with the five elements. So you know, you go out and you stand outside in nature on the most amazing day and you feel so connected, so balanced, like you kind of realize how much life could just get better. And one of those days in nature, like that's the type of balance that we want to bring and create in the house. But when it's built, like you know, houses and apartments are just kind of thrown up. There's no intention to like, Oh, well, let's build it in the most auspicious direction to support these people. It's like, no, how can we build as many houses I get them all in as quick or as apartments. And as that we can possibly make as much money as possible. That's how they're built. So what we do is we reverse back and we're like, well, how can we optimize this to support the people who are living in it? And as I said, like, it just, it creates this sense of flow and brings you to flow just like acupuncture, brings that sense of flow.

Tracy So how does that work with different family members. So like, for instance, Jason and I live in a home, his daughters are here half the time. And he bought this home 10 years ago, and it was built, I don't know, sometime in the early 2000s. And like a lot to happen in this home. So like, how do you kind of bring all that together to create, like, a Feng Shui system for a variety of different people?

Patricia So that's a great question. I've never been asked that question before, 

Tracy There's always a first.

Patricia So essentially, what happens is, like, ultimately, the main thing is we bring the house into balance, like so we do. Like the reading, we bring into balance, we analyze every area, we're like, this is a great area, like amazing, or we need to bring in a certain element of balance. And so the core thing is always about bringing the balance first. And then we look at everybody and we're like, well, Tracy, you're I don't know what elements you are, I'm like your fire element or earth element based on your, your, your year of birth. And that will then give us the best directions for you to sit for setting up your office. So we'll look at your office and be like, well, for your office to be like, this is the best room for your office, or this is the best room for your bedroom. what this is about, um, you know what, sometimes we can't get into that perfect thing. 

So for me, like, there's no such thing as like, the perfect Feng Shui house, there are houses that are optimized, you know, so like, our house has a lot of good things going for it from Feng Shui I'm teaching a Feng Shui  certification at the moment, and I'm like, and these are all the bad things about our house, like, you know, if I was you know, there's, these are all the great things, it's good for money, it's this is this is very tight, it has all these goods, but actually, it's built into the side of this and this is, so it still doesn't mean that it's going to be about house, it's more about making the best that we can with what you have. 

So for example, you and Jason could have opposite energies like opposites, like direction. So for example, me and Ken do. So our bed is located in the power direction for him, not intentionally, it's the only place the bed will go in the bedroom that makes sense, you know, you walk into a bedroom, it's like the bed can only go one place, it would look ridiculous in another place. So what we do then is we offset it. So I'll be like, right? Well, for me, when it came to our offices, I got the power direction, like I got the office, I got the one making sure that wherever I'm going to spend the most time I'm going to be sitting with my best direction. So how we do, we work from that. And then we'll also say, for example, if you've got like two daughters. What are their two energies? Is there one room that'll be better than the other. So it's, it's really nuanced. And it will be like for work, for sitting, for play, for like sitting on a couch, you know, for concentration for homework, all of that, we'll look at that. But most of the time, once the house comes into harmony, it brings you into harmony. 

Tracy Oh, I love that. Okay, cool. So I want to talk about creativity, though, because that is something that's really important in particular to artists and also for people to thrive in business, because it's my personal belief that we all are creative. And you were sharing a story earlier about, I can't remember if this was on when we were talking in the beginning or after about someone who like basically Feng Shuied her creativity center, and she had never picked up a paintbrush, and then all of a sudden, is now painting and selling her art. So I believe that creativity, even if you're not like an artist, artist, or don't consider yourself that, is so powerful in helping you not only make more money, but like to live a more fulfilled life, and be more aligned with what you're supposed to be doing in general. So let's talk a little bit about that.

Patricia Oh, my God, I love this topic, because it was just the most amazing thing. You know, we have our community, everyone is part of our program, they take action, they do the remedies. And then all of a sudden, within like two months, these two women posted these paintings in the group. And I was like, that's amazing. And they both were like I have never painted before I just felt the calling, and one creative little painting room that happened to be in her West. So I'll talk about that as well. And they were literally selling them this woman was like, well, these ones have all been said that's over $500 that's $1,000 what this is all and they're not like taught artists. But what happens is when we bring things into balance, it brings us closer to our like you're tapped into like that kind of source energy. And you're tapped into really what that kind of divine guidance is. That is some of the things that we see. It's just like a lot of synchronistic things start to unfold as you start to balance the energy and when it comes to the spirituality or the creativity area. So your heart is doing this job, the lungs of this job, like every part of your body has a job the same for your house. Now the first thing I kind of want to say is that some people will hear things like, Oh my god, like my bathroom, or my laundry room is in the West area. That means I've no creativity or they'll hear my prosperity or my health areas where the toilet is. I'm doomed. I’m like no, no, don't worry, or, you know, I do. I have to sit in my creativity area to be more creative. No, you don't, what I would say to you is, first of all, you can get out like, Oh, it's so nice. Like all our phones now have compasses, I don't know if we ever would use it, I use a compass on my phone all the time for work. But I don't know if she realized we have compasses, yeah, on our phones. And when we use the compass, we can just look and see where West is, what direction West is, and just have like a little like just have a wander around the West area. So for example, Tracy, your office, like where you're working from, you could just look for the West area of your office like we can, we can do it to the microcosm, or it's the macrocosm of this space.

So for example, if you realize that, like it was one of the girls' bedrooms in the West, you're like, Well, I'm not gonna be able to do that, like change anything there. But in your office, you're like, no, my West, like, what would I put on my West area? Well, you could First I'll have a look and make sure there's nothing, no clutter there, there's nothing there that's like, kind of again, that would have been broken, anything that's not working, you know, that's really the main thing is go look at it and be like what is in this area, and then you could kind of set some intentions, like you could literally like, well, I'm tapped into my creative source, like I am a creative express, I express myself creatively every day, like, set some intentions, and just like journal them and pop them in that area, just like like little seeds. And the whole idea of like Feng Shui is like getting this energy balance with our environment. That's then the same as like, when that's balanced and happy, like you plant the seeds, where it's fertile. And that's where the flourishing and growth happens. I can't believe I'm using flourishing so much.

Tracy I mean, we're flourishing and thriving.

Patricia So like, we're planting those seeds to flourish, and then they go fail, they'll grow and have it, you know, so that's one part. The next thing is like things you could put into that area, like, what are creative things. So the West area is all about creativity, new beginnings, things you want to see and grow. And birth, and, and creative expression. So for example, if you had a painting that you absolutely loved, or a piece of artwork, like you know, like your kids artwork, or just this beautiful piece of art, like that would be a great place for it. 

Now, if you're like, Oh my god, it's my bathroom, I don't want to put it there. That's okay, like, but make sure you have it in your house. Because for me when it comes to your home, like, you know, we talked about the vision board earlier, like your home is like a vision board for can be a vision board for your future, you can use the wall, like a vision board, and to kind of express your creativity and your desires. So some people will get really caught up and be like, oh, but it has to be the West area. But I don't know, what I would say to you is, first of all, if you do have the West in your office, like you will the other West direction, because it's somewhere that you can put something that would make sense in that area that will tap into it, or maybe store your art supplies or if you do have an art like art books or creative things, put them into that area or something symbolic in that area that just seeds that intention. And then just going back to the artwork, because I just think that this is such a fun one to do. And you know, back to kind of the manifesting and the area. 

So for example, in our bedroom, the end of our bed is the love and marriage area. And I have this beautiful painting of this couple with a little dog. And I never saw when I bought the painting, I just didn't see the dog in it. I had like no clue. Like I've never, I never noticed it. And honestly, within six weeks of me hanging that painting, I've got a new dog that like I had never had an intention for a dog. And it was identical. I actually did a YouTube video on this. Like, it's like, for me, it was just a big lesson of like, be careful what’s on your walls, like the artwork that you have. Because like you are literally subconsciously bringing it in and your house, like it's going to support you with that. So make sure that like, what's up on your walls is really speaking to you in terms of like, yes, this is what I'm calling in what I'm connected to, it's, it's amazing.

Tracy You mentioned something to me once when we were talking the first time, it's like, if you want to call it a relationship, you do not want to have pictures of single pictures of yourself or single pictures of anyone in your bedroom or in your house. Like I specifically remember this.

Patricia And this is so huge, especially I think that one of the things is oftentimes artwork, especially when we're looking at artwork, we're called to pieces of art that are like signals that signify where we are right now. It's kind of like we're kind of called This is where I'm. I'm resonating with this, like a single ballerina floating here, because I you know, like that's that I have seen this. And then there's others, you know, so that's a big one when it comes to artwork, like what you want to do is like kind of step forward and be like well what does my future self is anchoring in so for example, if you are single, and you want to call in love, like walk around your house and have a look and see how many articles like and I'm reading even artwork or artifacts that are singular on their own. 

So there's I have several examples but one lady in her house and she had 18 in Individual love hearts. So like, you know, ones that were made from wicker ones that were made from fabric hanging around the house, I was like, oh, here we are Lonely Hearts Club and pair them up, like pair them up. So we brought them I was like, bring them together, pair them up, pair them up. Now this is kind of a crazy story, but in her bedroom, so she had all these lonely hearts. She was actually Feng Shuing in your house with me to sell it. So I was working with her to sell, which is fine. But in the meantime, I was like, Well, if you want to like a bit of religion, a bit of magic, like we're going to be putting the remedies it'll, it'll balance it. So she pairs up the hearts. One single pole. It was a photo actually. It was a good sample like this pole sticking out of the red pole sticking out of the middle. And I was like this is very isolated. This one pole stuck in the middle in the water. I was like, it's definitely not like calling it like it's isolated. I'm on my own, like all of that.

And I don't really recommend this number one, blah, blah, blah. She was like, Okay, well, she goes I'm selling so I'll let it go afterwards. I was like, no problem. Anyways, she hired me to Feng Shui her next house. She'd sold the house and all works great. And I'm walking around the house with her and I see the picture with the pole. And I was like, Oh, I said, we talked about this. We talked about it. She says to me, she's like, Oh, no. And I was like, What? She's like, you will not believe what happened. And I was like what she's like, well, this picture, you know, was really resistant, letting go of it? She's like, Yeah, well, I did meet someone and I had a bit of a fling with this guy. And I was like, all right, okay, when I did the photos like amazing. She goes, she goes, Yeah, it was the photographer of that painting.

Oh my gosh, that's so weird.

Tracy Oh my gosh, that's so weird.

Patricia I know. Already in a bedroom like, like, it's ristic she was in her bedroom. So yeah, the art is it really important to

Tracy Watch out, you might be having an affair with the person who painted art. So what are a couple of just like tactical things people can do if they want to just create more creativity, either in their home office or their workspace or their home? In general, what would you recommend doing?

Patricia The first thing I would say to you is like make space like make space. So I would start like just looking around your house and being like, what is here that is not resonating with where I want to go. So like and when I talk about clutter, I'm not talking about dishes on the counter or yesterday's clothes on the bed. Like what I'm talking about is those cupboards that haven't been touched for six to eight months, because that is stagnant energy. There's stagnancy, and when we have stagnation, there's no movement. So the first thing is letting go and clearing out any of those cupboards or those drawers, tackle them first. Because on the next part, like step with this is kind of my, my two step thing is like having an intention of what you're replacing them with. So if you're letting go of something out of this, these cabinets, like all of the old client files, figure them all out. And then like I'm replacing these with, like, 50 new clients, or I'm replacing this with this amount of money, or I'm replacing it. So you're kind of doing an energetic chain exchange within your house of lead when you're letting something go. 

So wants to know what you're calling in that sense of clarity. And the next thing I would say to you is just start without the front door. And you want to welcome the energy in nice and easily. So you want to make sure your front door is nice and welcoming, really easy to get in, get that sheet in. So when you're opening up the door, it's easy. Like it's there's no struggle, where we have friction points in our house. So for example, at the front door, if it's a struggle and hard to push the door open, it means it's hard to get money, opportunities, luck,  everything in. So you want to just like freeze it up. The second thing you have to do is then again, move around the house and start with literally big things or healing any of those friction points. The other thing that really bugs you with this thing, like clear that because that's affecting your energy field, but it's also impacting each one of those areas in your home. So doing that alone will make a huge difference. And then my other favorite thing is to just move around 27 things. So 27 is a really auspicious number in Feng Shui. And it brings us up to the nine . It's a very powerful number of Feng Shui as well. So I'm moving 27 things now. My other kind of like I always add on like move or delay or let go of 27 things. But as you move them, you're just like shifting that energy as well.

Tracy I love that. Oh my gosh, I'm taking notes myself. So you have a challenge and a program coming up. Do you want to talk a little bit more about that for people who want to learn more about taking care of this? And we'll also share a link in order to join in the show notes.

Patricia Yeah, So I have some amazing new videos created and trainings about how to unlock prosperity in your home. So we will dive into finding your prosperity area and accessing it but also some really powerful tools around getting that money and abundance flowing in your home and how to activate prosperity, finding out what time you type your houses. So I have all of those available. And I'm super excited. And I also do live q&a, as well. So when you're checking out the videos, you can come and ask me your questions live as well, which is super fun. It's a two week journey of just magic Feng Shui and really activating and having so much creating just a brand new relationship with your home and realizing the potency and power of it.

Tracy And when does that start?

Patricia So that is starting from the 12th of April onwards, and we will have two weeks of just like turning your home into a powerhouse and activating it's calling whatever it is you like. So money, love, romance, creativity.

Tracy Alright, okay, so I'm definitely going to participate and join. So if you guys want to participate and have some fun and play around with me, creating more, a more prosperous home, and bringing all the things that you want to create in your life in your business, head on over to flourishthriveacademy.com/prosperity And we'll have information over there. We're also going to have the links in the show notes, and more information about Patricia's prosperity challenge. We're so excited about this. Patricia, thank you so much for being here today.

Patricia Thank you so much. It was so good to see you. Thank you, everybody.

Tracy Thank you so much for listening to the show today. I hope you enjoyed this and got some tips on how to unlock more creativity. And if you really want to untap that prosperity and keep things rolling in your business and your life, then make sure that you join us for Patricia's challenge. It's going to start on April 15. It's how to unlock your prosperity and create more abundance in your life and your business. And I think we could all use that. So head on over to flourishthriveacademy.com/prosperity to sign up today. All right, this is Tracy Matthews, signing off. Until next time. 

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Set Intentions for Your Creative Space

Every part of your body has a job, and it’s the same for your house.

For makers and creatives, Patricia recommends revitalizing the place in your home where you go to be creative.

Start by clearing out the clutter. Anything broken, unnecessary, or that you just don’t use has no place in your creative zone.

Next, set some intentions for that space. They can be simple, like “I am tapped into my creative source,” or “I am creative every day.” Journal about your intentions to plant the seeds for your creative space.

Finally, think about decorations, objects, and supplies that inspire you and make you feel more creative. It could be a painting you love, a gift from a friend, or even your tools and supplies.

Treat Your Home Like a Vision Board

The purpose behind Feng Shui is to balance the energy of your space. 

According to Patrica, your home is like a vision board for your future. You can (and should) use it to express your creativity and desires.

You can begin this process by clearing out clutter. And that doesn’t mean just doing the dishes or picking your laundry up off the floor.

It means getting rid of stagnant energy. Let go of things you don’t use anymore, clear out your junk drawer, make space for new energy.

Take the Prosperity Challenge

Patricia has a really exciting opportunity coming up. I’ll be jumping on it, and so should you!

It’s a FREE 2-week challenge starting on April 15 that will teach you how to unlock prosperity in your home and turn it into a high-powered magnet for attracting what you need in your life.

It’s individualized for your house, your space, and your intentions. Whether you’re trying to attract, money, love, romance, creativity, and all the other good things, this challenge is for you.

Click here to join me in signing up for Patricia’s Prosperity Challenge!

xo, Tracy


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