#296 How to Get Over Your Fear of Video and Make Better Videos with Patrice Poltzer

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It’s 2021 and video content is king, yet so many designers and small business owners are afraid to create videos for their brand.

Patrice Poltzer and I are out to change that.

Let’s talk about how you can quit being camera shy and start showing up with confidence in your brand videos.

Patrice has more than a decade of experience telling stories and turning those stories into engaging video content for the world’s biggest media and social platforms. 

In 2017, she left her prestigious job with the TODAY show and formed Patrice Poltzer Creative, to help brands tell their most compelling stories through video.

She also runs online Video Storytelling Bootcamps for smaller businesses that aren’t ready to outsource the entire process to a big team.

This week, she sat down with me to talk all things video content and dissect some of the big brand secrets that apply to small businesses, too.

This week, she sat down with me to talk all things video content and dissect some of the big brand secrets that apply to small businesses, too.

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Model What Works On You

A lot of business owners way overthink their Dream Clients and ideal customers.

The truth is, your Dream Clients are people with who your brand resonates, so they’re probably pretty similar to you.

Take a look at what big brands are doing with their video. What works on you? What makes you want to click on an ad or an Instagram post?

Now model that in your own video content strategy. This is a great way to gather inspiration and get a better idea of who your brand is for.

Unpolished Can Be A Good Thing

“…But I don’t have the right equipment!”

Business owners who still haven’t broken into video content often use this excuse to keep avoiding the camera.

Sure, this may have been an issue 10 years ago, but nowadays “unpolished” content comes off as more authentic and personal.

There’s a time and place for a super polished and professional video. But ultimately, your audience wants to connect with you, and raw, authentic video content is performing better than ever.

Show Up On Camera

Still Patrice understands how nerve wracking it can be to show up on camera when you’re not used to it. She has some great tips to break the tension:

  1. Hold Something – Holding something like a notebook will help you feel grounded and keep your hands from nervous fidgeting.
  2. Write A Script – When people get overconfident and think they can just wing it, that’s when videos turn out awkward. Write a script, or at least an outline for your video, and practice first.
  3. Bring Your Energy Up – Videos tend to make you look even less energetic than you are acting IRL. If you think your energy is already at a 10, bring it up to a 12. Trust me, it will turn out better.

This only skims the surface of some of Patrice’s amazing advice for creating better video content for your brand. 

Listen to the full episode above for tips on showing up in front of the camera and telling your story.

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