11 Ways to Sell More Jewelry This Mothers Day


Mothers are pretty special people. If you’re lucky, your mother is the person you can always turn to for advice, support, and encouragement – and she loves everything you create (even the pieces you’re not so proud of). She’s like the centerpiece jewel of your favorite necklace. 

When her birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day comes around, finding a gift that expresses your love and appreciation can be a serious challenge…unless, of course, you know a jewelry designer who really gets her style (like you). 

With Mother’s Day coming up fast on May 9, women all over the world will soon be looking for that beautiful, unique gift, and you know what that means: 

This is your chance to shine with a Mother’s Day Promotion! Here are eleven ways to boost your sales in the coming weeks. 

1. Plan Out Your Promotion NOW

Most success stories start with a plan, so don’t go in unprepared! If you want to pull off an amazing Mother’s Day campaign, you’ll need a comprehensive marketing strategy and calendar. Start by mapping out the dates and times for your planned virtual trunk shows, grassroots marketing efforts, and collaborations with other designers. These marketing methods have worked wonders for so many of the designers we see inside Flourish & Thrive Academy, and they’ll work for you, too, as long as you plan ahead! 

Once you have your plans in the calendar, you can get to work creating supporting content. Blogs, social media posts, and live streams are all great ways to bring followers over to your website and prime them to buy, especially when they’re delivered as part of a strategic email campaign. You’ll want to start your email schedule a few weeks before the big day so that your list is nice and warm right before the big day.

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2. Map Out Your Content Strategy

The first big (not-so-well-kept) secret to selling anything is to get seen, but your content strategy determines what your followers take away from every touchpoint. 

Have you ever seen an advertisement that made you feel truly connected to the brand or product? Or maybe you’ve seen user-generated content on the brand’s social media feeds that reflected your own experience back to you? These are the cornerstones of a great content strategy because they’re real, and because they allow you to associate your brand with real emotions and experiences. 

All you have to do is put the call out to your followers for unboxing videos, reviews, and other relevant content from the real moms in your community (remember Mother’s Day?), and feature it on your social channels. 

Filter it through your emails, social content, and ads (with permission!) and fill the rest of the days with value-packed blogs and special deals. 

3. Create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide Collaboration

Collaborating with your friends is more than just a way to bring more fun into your business. It’s also a great strategy for expanding your reach, connecting with new potential customers, and adding value to your offers. Kind of a no-brainer, right? 

Here’s how it works: Round up four friends who sell products that complement your jewelry – these could be things like bath salts, candles, chocolates, or cosmetics – and put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Cross-promotion at its best! 

Each friend then writes a blog post (with product links), a social media post, and an email to their list. You’ll all get five times the amount of exposure, and your followers will be thanking you for putting together such a smart solution to the Mother’s Day rush. 

It’s the power of collaboration – which leads me to…

4. Host a “Collaborative” Virtual Trunk Show 

Remember that Mother’s Day Gift Guide you just created? The next step is to get those same friends together for a Virtual Trunk Show. This is your chance to strike while the interest amongst your followers is high and nudge them into purchase mode. 

Just like your gift guide, your collaborative Mother’s Day trunk show will get five times the exposure a solo effort would – and that could only be a good thing! Once your collaborators are on board, it’s as simple as sending out email reminders to get your audiences excited for the all-in-one shopping experience you’ve put together. 

You’ll each need to send out a few emails in the weeks leading up to the event, one the day before, and another few on the day to keep it front-of-mind. Then, just show up, enjoy the event, and take home your well-deserved rewards! 

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5. Create a Mother’s Day Limited Time Offer or Bundle of Items

Nothing entices a potential customer quite like a limited-time offer – especially if that offer comes with plenty of added value. Gift boxes are a great way to bundle together multiple items and take the guesswork out of purchasing jewelry for mom, as well as an opportunity to indulge your creative brain. 

You might like to pair items that go together on your website and offer a limited-time discount, or add in something extra. Sweeten the deal with the perfect packaging, or offer another classic Mother’s Day gift (hint: chocolates!) at a special bundle price. 

6. Increase Your Average Order Value

Turning a follower into a customer is cause for celebration, especially considering how much effort goes into nurturing the relationship, so don’t let an opportunity go to waste! Once your visitor is ready to hit that Buy Now button, they’re primed for purchase, and it’s time to strike while the jewels are hot. 

With the right Shopify plugins set up, your customer will receive suggestions for other items that go with the product they have chosen at the time when they’re most likely to buy. You could do this by showing similar items other customers purchased or focussing on add-ons like polishing cloths and sprays. 

The value of these extra items might be smaller, but every little bit helps to increase that average order value and your bottom line – and even if customers don’t purchase the extras on the spot, the right follow-up email sequence might just do the trick. 

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7. Offer Gift Wrap or Packaging

Remember the last time you were out shopping for a Mother’s Day gift? You might have spent a few hours looking for the perfect item and ended up so tired that you completely forgot about wrapping it. 

On those days, a gift wrapping service would have been a blessing, so why not offer it as an add-on service for your customers?  

You could either charge an extra fee for the wrapping and raise the value of your Mother’s Day orders, or throw it in as a free service and cement your place as designer of choice for next year. Either way, it’s a quick win. 

8. Text Your Way to More Sales

Emails are fantastic for generating interest and revenue, but when you want to reach someone right away, you can’t beat a text message. 

Statistically, you’ll have far more luck scoring repeat business from existing customers, especially if you’ve already got their mobile numbers in your systems. Getting more sales could be as simple as sending a thoughtful, helpful message at just the right time – like this:  

“Hey (name), just checking in. Mother’s Day is coming up. Would you like help with a Mother’s day gift for (name)?”  

Even if they already have a gift organized, they’ll have your brand on speed dial the next time they need an emergency gift. 

This Grassroots Strategy is one of my favorites in SOLD because it works – it has been a game-changer for our students.

9. Offer Styling Sessions, Gift Cards, or Custom Design Packages

With busy days and competing priorities to attend to, Mother’s Day seems to come around out of nowhere, and you know what that means…

Last-minute partners and children will be looking out for a readily available gift for Mom to keep them in the good books, and the perfect item isn’t always there.

The good news? You’ll be there with a range of perfect options for the emergency gift that won’t go out of style. A styling session with a minimum purchase is a great way to roll, or a custom design package for a bespoke (future) gift.

This way, your customers won’t have to rush the gift selection process and end up returning whatever they buy a few days later. Win-win! 

10. Optimize for Last-Minute Shoppers and Local Sales with Curbside Pickup

If there’s one thing I know about men and helping them find gifts for their wives or girlfriends, the majority of them are completely last minute – and where do you turn for help at the eleventh hour? 

Google! They’ll be online searching for you on Mother’s Day Eve, and it’s up to you to make sure they find what they’re looking for. 

What they’re looking for will be something along the lines of “Mother’s Day Gifts or Jewelry [insert town]” so add that to the headings on one of your pages, or use blog entries to lead them back to your website with similar keywords. 

Also, make sure your website is optimized for your local area by adding your city, state, and zip code information and listing yourself on Google Maps. This way, shipping and delivery cut-offs won’t get in the way of a happy ending for moms in your area.

Truth be told, my ex-boyfriend from high school found me using this method. LOL. 

11. Follow Up With a Back End Offer

Mother’s Day only lasts for 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean your sales have to die down! 

Use the post-Mother’s Day follow up as a chance to reward those people who purchased one – or many – of your pieces during the rush period. Everyone loves a follow-up (and a free giveaway) so send a thank you note to your buyers and a gift card for a minimum spend based on the price of the product they purchased. 

They’ll feel good about their decision to shop with you and stick around as a loyal customer, and they might even tell their friends about you. 

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So, are you feeling prepared for Mother’s Day 2021?

There are still a few weeks left to get your action plan in place - and you can make it happen faster with our marketing bundles. If you haven’t already, check out our Emails that Sell Bundle, the Virtual Trunk Show Bundle, and SOLD! Out Shop to get your marketing plan in place and start bringing in the gold.