How to Use Video to Rock Your Jewelry Business: Tips From a Video Rock Star

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Have you ever wanted to try video to promote your jewelry business but weren’t really sure how? Where you bashful to get in front of the camera? Or did you chose not to use video because you thought it would be a big production or too much work?

Last year, I went through my re-brand for my jewelry business and website. As I was going through the process, I knew I wanted to make it easier for my clients to get to know me. While in discussions with my designer, I decided i wanted a video on my homepage. I had seen the effects of how video helped us to connect at Flourish & Thrive Academy.  I had a hunch that video would be a powerful tool to connect with clients who were meeting me for the first time, online.

My hunch was right. Most of my custom jewelry clients have always come via referral. Something interesting happened when I launched my new website with the homepage video:: I started getting a huge influx of non referral inquiries to work with me! I believe there is a reason for that….which we talk about in the interview below.

Video is one of the most effectively marketing tools to develop a following online. Today, I interview a true video Rock Star, Share Ross. She was the bassist the all female 80’s rock band, Vixen and has spent her post rockstar career pretty much doing all things video. Today, she teaches entrepreneurs how to use video to rock their brands!

I am so excited to speak to Share today because she is the real deal when it comes to using video for your online jewelry business.

In this interview we talk about::

  • How video builds trust with your audience.
  • Her top techniques and tips for using video in your jewelry business
  • Some innovative ways to use video for your jewelry brand
  • How to get social proof with video (can you say sell your jewelry on autopilot?)
  • And lots of other fun stuff

Robin & I are even more excited because Share is teaching us one of her signature trainings, How to Sparkle & Shine on Camera, for our Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales Program.

Share wants to hear from you (and so do we)! In the comments below, tell us the following::

1. Are you using video to promote your jewelry brand? If so, how?
2. What are your favorite video tips that Share mentioned?

You can find Share at and Make sure you send her some love over on her Facebook page and on Twitter.

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