#65 Last Minute PR Placement Tips and Strategies for Holiday Sales into 2017 with Sabina Hitchen

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If you haven’t got any PR lined up for your holiday sales…


You’ve still got time!


You read that right, even if you haven’t started on your 2016 holiday season PR plan…


…there’s still time to get your jewelry featured on television, blogs and local publications.


It’s called short lead PR, and it’s more prevalent than you’d think!


But you’ve got to start, literally, today.


On today’s episode of Thrive by Design, you’re in for a treat!


My guest on this episode is kind of famous around here.


She’s Sabina Hitchen, the PR maven and brilliant founder of Sabina Knows.



Sabina and I sat down to give some excellent public relations placement tips and strategies for your holiday sales and onwards into 2017.


These tips are so good and so timely that I’m even going to keep this intro short so that you can jump right into it.


Get your pen and paper ready, you don’t want to miss any of this episode!


Click here to download the show notes


What is Short Lead PR?


In the public relations world there are two types of coverage – short lead and long lead. Short lead PR channels that need stories fed to them on a rapid, regular basis.


Some great examples are blogs and websites the turn over content multiple times a day or week. It also includes television, especially your local channel! Short lead does Not mean a day’s notice…so you still need to be prepared up to a couple of weeks in advance.


How much time should you spend on PR?


We totally get it, the holidays are a super busy time of year. You might be wondering how you’re supposed to get this done on top of Everything else. Sabina gives a great suggestion to look at your week and fit little PR tasks in throughout the week.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are proven to be the best days to reach out to the press. Short lead PR won’t start talking about gift guides until after Thanksgiving, so focus your energy there for the next couple of weeks if you don’t know where to start!


It’s Okay if Your Holiday Collection Isn’t Done


If you haven’t got your holiday collection done yet, you’re still okay! When it comes to PR, editors don’t care if you pitch them last season’s holiday collection or even a pair of your best-sellers from your summer collection.


Just pitch them something! Be smart about editing your lookbook and line sheets so the colors and story make sense for the season. Draft a compelling message around being a local small business or a philanthropic company..or whatever your story is!


Editors are always looking for stories to cover, so remember you are doing them a favor!


Okay, we’ve covered a lot about holiday but there’s SO Much more on the episode…


…including things you need to be thinking about now to get 2017 off on the same foot!


(Hint, we’ve got some great tips for award season.)


Give yourself a huge leg up and listen today!


xo, Tracy


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Episode #52 How to Build Sales and PR Confidence
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