My #1 Tip to help you Reach Your Business Goals in 2013

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Last year I set out some pretty lofty goals for myself and for my business. At the beginning of the new year, I am always super motivated to make stuff happen.

The previous year was a huge transitional year for me, so I had a strong desire to make some changes and grow my business. The first business goal I set was to earn 15,000 a month in profit each month from my jewelry business. My clarity around this goal and the inspire action behind it was pulled out of me by the brilliant Erika Lyremark. Once I started putting action behind my goals, something brilliant happened: not only did I reach my profit goal but I doubled it! I was blown away.

Setting business goals is really powerful. Putting action behind those goals is what allows you to reach them.

I speak about this today because 2012 is winding down and RIGHT NOW is the time to start setting your business goals for NEXT year. RIGHT NOW is the time to start building momentum, taking action and making your wildest dreams become a reality.

One of the ways that I was able to reach milestones in my business was actually a simple exercise. You may have seen this before (as I have many times) but the question is: are you actually doing this??

Here it goes. You might be blown away by how simple it is!

(I am using my goal as an example, but please don’t let this intimidate OR limit you. Remember, profit is a different figure than revenue. Please understand the difference.)

Step # 1: Set your goal

Make your goal something that is attainable but also a stretch for you.

So let’s take my figure of $15,000 a month in profit. At the time, this was a stretch for me. It was a number that I had wanted to reach and when I hit it, I knew it would be awesome. However, it had been a long time since I had profits even close to that. So now it was time to build.

Step # 2: Break it down

If you have a goal, you need to break it down into manageable chunks. I figured that if I was going to reach my $15,000 a month in profit, then I had to earn $750 a day in profit. That seemed a lot more attainable that the big number and I started believing that I could actually do it.

Step #3: Take 3 actions each day that will help you achieve that goal

So it went a little like this for me. I spent the mornings writing my top 3 goals for the day. For each goal, I wrote down 3 actions I could take.

For example:

Goal: Earn $750 in profit today

1. Follow up with engagement ring inquiry
2. Email final design sketches for heirloom redesign client
3. Send paypal payment link to client for wedding band deposit.

Due to the nature of my business, I didn’t actually make $750 a day in profit, but somedays I made $3000 in profit. The point being is that having a smaller goal that pertains to your big goal, is the most important part.

Step #4: Track your progress

Check it out. When you track where you are in relationship to reaching your goal you have power. If you are ahead of track, celebrate and readjust your goal. When you are behind, hustle like you mean it and pick up the slack. You never know, you might just blow your first goal out of the water!

Take Action Now:

Start your morning right. Write down 3 goals for the day and 3 inspired action steps you are going to take to achieve your goals. Remember, the goals for the day should attribute to your bigger goals for the year. Track your progress.

Once you have done this, please report below. Robin & I are dying to hear what is working (and what didn’t work). Post your progress in the comments below.


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