#178 The Epic Online Promotion Strategy that Brought in $8200 in 4 Days

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I’m often asked: what does it really take for an emerging jewelry brand | designer | maker to successfully sell jewelry online?

It requires 4 things:

  • Strategy
  • Resourcefulness
  • Creativity
  • A Can Do Attitude

Here’s why: There’s a lot of strategy “conversion nuance” involved in getting customers to actually buy from your jewelry website or online channels.

Because of that, you’ve gotta be creative in your approach to selling online, take action to implement your ideas, and resourceful, especially when, things don’t go your way!

Typically, designers try something once and think: ‘that doesn’t work for me!”

Instead, they should be thinking: “how can I tweak my strategy to make this work for me?”

So, when I hear people out there saying, “I sell jewelry online” – I’m ready to show them how it’s done.

And proof that with the right strategy and actions, you can sell WAY more than your dinky holiday shows….

(I’m not dissing shows…they’re good too! 😂)

Enter Jeana and Jared Rushton of the TheFoxandStone.com.

The millenial power couple 💃🏻🕺 (giggles) just absolutely crushed their Black Friday Weekend promotion for the first time and they’re here to tell us how.

But first, let me set the stage.

In previous years, Jared and Jeana banked on Etsy sales and live events for a large portion of their Holiday Jewelry Sales.

When a fluke occurrence happened early in 2017 and they got a flood of orders from Etsy, they knew they needed to do “something” to fill in the income gaps between months (sometimes upwards of $10K).

At the time, they were members of the Diamond Insiders Mentorship program and Jared quit his full-time job to support Jeana in the business.

Knowing they could use some outside eyes on their biz, they joined our Momentum Coaching Program and leaned on several of our coaches to help them fill in those gaps this year.

In previous years, they rarely paid attention to Black Friday, BUT they were dropped from their “Best Show” in Seattle so they had to find another way to fill that income gap.

They worked with many of our coaches, including our planning master, Inta, to map out this kick-butt strategy…

And, M’Dear, I hope you’re inspired to put some of these ideas into action!

Listen to Episode #178: The Epic Online Promotion Strategy that Brought in $8200 in 4 Days

….and get resourceful yourself…

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Here’s how Jeana and Jared used those 4 skills I spoke about before…in a different order…but who cares


Before going into panic mode because they were dropped from one of their top shows, Jeana and Jared thought: How can we replace that income….?

That’s what put them into action to map out their online event and totally crush it.

You get lemons, make lemonade…


In the past, their “online events” for Black Friday were always a second thought and on the back-burner, so they never put much attention to it.

This year, they created an epic strategy with SOS coach, Inta, to create a promotion plan that exceeded their must have goal of $3000.

By planning in advance, they had the lead time to focus on selling during the weekend.


Jeana and Jared didn’t reast on their laurels. They kept testing and coming up with creative ideas to get people to the sale.

The end result: $8200 in sales in 4 days (their must have goal was $3000 and stretch goal was $5000)

Plus they grabbed 120 -ish new email list subscribers along the way!


A Can Do Attitude

They were willing to do what it takes. By spending the time to plan, create and then DO, they attracted a great turn out of loyal fans who bought at each of the events they hosted.


When Jeana’s dad asked: “What are you doing for Cyber Monday” and they realized they didn’t have anything planned, they quickly implemented bringing in even more sales that Monday!

Listen to the entire episode to hear more about what I’m talking about!


xo, Tracy

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