How Strong Viewpoints Increase Your Sales

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Have you ever worried that having a STRONG opinion might turn off DREAM buyers?

Or maybe you are worried about taking design risks because it’s too “OUT there” and it might affect your sales?

Although it might seem contradictory, having an opinion and a strong viewpoint actually does the opposite.

Let me explain….

A few years ago, I worked with a coach named Erika Lyremark. The first moment I talked to her she pushed me to my limit to get me to push my viewpoint to the limit.

In fact, something came out of my mouth that I had never expected too…(you’ll have to watch the video to find out!)

After our work together, my sales doubled… no joke!

Today, I am interviewing Erika Lyremark about having an opinion and How Strong Viewpoints Increase Your Sales!

In this Interview you’ll learn:

  • How having a strong viewpoint helps customers decide to buy
  • How strong viewpoints build trust
  • How my viewpoint got me super focused on the right clients

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After you watch the video, answer the following in the comments below:

  1. How are you incorporating your viewpoints in your branding?
  2. What is your biggest struggle about communicating your viewpoint?

You can find Erika over at or @ErikaLyremark on Twitter and Instagram.

Before we go, I wanted to share a little something about what Erika is Working on. Watch this short video below for huge shifts…