How to Talk About Your Jewelry Designs (without feeling Skeevie)

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Do you agree? Talking about your jewelry designs can be totally nerve-wracking!

When I was first starting out as a designer, I was VERY sensitive about my work. It felt totally weird and even a little skeevie to talk about it! Designing has always been such a personal process for me, so it was easy to avoid talking about what I did for a living and take the passive approach.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was my best salesperson that I grew the courage to just go for it. Even though I consider myself an extrovert, this extroverted lady can still get a bit nervous putting herself out there.

With practice, talking about my designs has become second nature, and I’ve been able to gain tons of exposure and clients because of it! When I was wholesaling, I could sell circles around many of the salespeople on my team when I was at trade shows. Within this last year, I landed clients at dinner parties, weddings, while on vacation and at conferences.

Why? Because buyers wanted to know ME! They wanted to hear straight from my mouth what was so awesome about my work!

You can’t deny the fact that YOU are your BEST salesperson!

You might be a bit SHY and feel totally uncomfortable about talking about your designs. So what’s a designer to do when they feel skeevie about talking about their work? I’ve got some tips for you.

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How to Talk About Your Jewelry Designs (without feeling skeevie)

After you watch the video, answer the following:

1. What makes you feel skeevie about talking about your work?

2. Tell me about one time that you spoke about your work and made a sale.

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