Sales Strategies for Shy People Stolen from Yoga

In a few weeks, I am heading to a Yoga Retreat in Italy…and I am beyond excited. Yoga has influenced my life in so many ways. In fact, it’s helped me in ways I never expected, even sales.

You might be thinking: What do sales, being shy and yoga have in common?

If you are shy or the idea of being rejected terrifies you, listen up! Today, I have a few tips for you based on what I’ve learned from over 18 years of practicing and teaching yoga.

As a jewelry designer myself, I can relate to feeling a little squirmy or nervous about reaching out ~cold! It’s hard to grab a buyer’s attention (and keep it).

Here’s the truth: 90% of what holds designers back is really fear.

According to Fritz Pearls~ “Fear is just the excitement without the breath” and fear is nothing to walk away from, it’s just something to breath into.

I am so excited to share with you my Sales Strategies for Shy People Stolen from Yoga.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • 5 Yoga Teachings that will help you overcome your fear of sales
  • An affirmation to use when your head is on the wrong place
  • Plus, how I’ve overcome my fear of sales

After you’ve watched the video, answer the following in the comments:

1. Which of these techniques will you put into practice right away?

2. What is your biggest fear when it comes to putting yourself out there or selling your work?

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  1. Trisha Flanagan on September 9, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    The technique I need to put into practice is letting go of the outcome because of the link to my biggest fear of none of my work selling ever.

  2. Anita Campbell on September 9, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Breathing is something easy to implement (and smile). My main fear with cold calls or even approaching a potential customer at a craft show is that I will be TOO pushy/aggressive…or not enough. I know I dislike aggressive sales people and I don’t want to become one of them. Very difficult balance to achieve.

  3. Suzanne Lowry on September 9, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    Q1. Which of these techniques will you put into practice right away?
    Actually, for me, letting go of the attachment to the outcome is probably the one I will implement, as my “monkey mind” is often used in designing to create new styles and is reigned in when drifting too far from center. I already “breathe” well as a singer, and as a motorcycle rider (lady biker), I have practiced all too often falling off the bike and rolling with the fall. It is a given! Learning to distance myself from the outcome and not depend on it as the almighty answer to my sales strategy will help me see sales as a non-threatening entity. Can I really do a “take it or leave it” attitude toward the outcome? Practice over time will tell.

    Q2. What is your biggest fear when it comes to putting yourself out there or selling your work? I think my biggest fear is that I will sabotage my sale by over-talking or saying the wrong thing. Talking before the close can end a sale too early in some cases, but also not asking for the sale can be as deadly (maybe thinking that this is a life and death situation is also a sabotaging tactic which needs to be corrected, hmmm?). I’m still in fear that I am not ready to “be out there” so I hold back (like not giving my still-to-be-prepared website for this post). I don’t want to present something that shows I’m not with it yet, so I may not just lack the finish, but the confidence that goes with that finish or polish. Websites are tricky and need to be constantly updated, corrected, watched. They also represent the product, so if a sale is dependent on a good website, then I know I cannot go out to make that sale without that in place. Again, a vicious circle of self-sabotaging. Humility tells me I need another person or persons to help me in this business. It cannot be done by just one person, so would that person be a better sales person than I? That, too, might be one answer that I have to face honestly. BTW, the website is and, No, it is not for sale, though GoDaddy seems to think they can talk me into it. Sorry folks…I will someday get the website up and running. And what do we see here in this example? We see a show of how to overtalk or overwrite, in this case, a simple answer, or sales pitch. It boils down to my biggest fear is that I am not ready, yet at some point I have to go out there and just do it. It is all dependent on preparation, on my preparation, and that makes it unrealistically large, looming, and fear filled! I have to know what to prepare, get it done, then go out and do the sale(s)!

  4. Leah Cotorceanu on September 9, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    The step I am going to take now is that I am going to allow myself to fall. My biggest fear in this is that I am not competent enough. That I will have orders and requests that I cannot fill. And this is silly! I am going to officially launch my website now, and put it out there now instead of waiting for it to be perfect. Thanks for the advice and encouragement!!

  5. Dafna Yarom on August 26, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Thank you so much for this video !!!
    I found it very inspiring and helpful.
    Simple truths that give you confidence that you can make it 🙂
    Dafna Yarom

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