The 5 Secrets to Holiday Success

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You might be reading the title of this blog post and be thinking:: “Why do I need to be thinking of Holiday Sales for my jewelry business right now?”

You’ve heard the saying, the early bird gets the worm, right?

You may have heard us mention this before, but it’s a fact that most jewelry designers book about 50% of their annual sales in the last few months of the year. Today in our VLOG, Robin & I are chatting about The 5 Secrets to Holiday Success.

Find out our TOP 5 Secrets which differentiate the jewelry designers who are successful in their jewelry business (aka making lots of profit) and those who just getting by. We talk to designers all of the time, those who have achieved a lot of success in business and those who are just starting out. The ones who are building momentum and keeping it going are the ones using these 5 “Secrets.”

(And these are the SAME techniques that I used to build my holiday sales to $450,000 one holiday season~you’ll have to watch the webinar to get more deets on that story).

As I mentioned above, Yesterday (July 15th), we hosted a live training The 5 Secrets to Holiday Success with Your Jewelry Business and it was amazing. We are offering the replay for a limited time so make sure you sign up for it here.

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Tons of designers from all over the world joined us and asked amazing questions about Ramping Up Their Holiday Sales. If you haven’t checked out the Intensive yet, make sure you pop on over here and take a look.

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2. How are you taking action in your jewelry business?

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