The Piece of Technology That Could Get You More Sales From Buyers

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by your email inbox that you missed a VERY important email?

Yeah me too!

A few months back, I was chatting with a buyer from a sought after jewelry store. She revealed she gets over 100 emails a day from designers who want to sell to her store. On top of that, she receives daily loads of emails from her current designers asking for reorders and following up.

She told me, quite frankly, she barely has time to read them all and often misses important emails (and great new talent, as well).

Personally, I can totally relate to this.

The prospect of emailing these days has made people lazy!

Plus, hiding behind a computer or your inbox can be a huge crutch when you’re trying to reach more buyers or get reorders from your wholesale accounts.

There is a huge missed opportunity with a piece of technology that is probably at arms length distance anyway…

And that piece of technology is your PHONE!

Today, Robin is going to walk you through her favorite sales tool, the phone!

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Make sure you tell us: How will you use the phone to improve your client relationships? AND What was your preferred sales outreach strategy?

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  1. Angela on June 2, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    I had planned to send a postcard of my new line via snail mail. Then after a few days/weeks, I was going to call them up to see if they received it. What are your thoughts on this approach, Robin?

  2. Talia on June 3, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Phone calls are the worst for me! I get so nervous, but I’ll just have to suck it up! How do you what time is best to call them?

  3. Carol on June 23, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    This is great advice and funny how often missed! I like the idea of a 1.2, jab with email then phone call, then follow up email.. the initial email gives you a reason to call..thanks I am at a tradeshow now and will be using this strategy when I get back home.

    • Tracy Matthews on November 18, 2016 at 10:40 am

      Good thinking! xo, Tracy

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