The Secrets Behind 5 Jewelry Brand Transformations


Every designer has big dreams for their brand. Even if it isn't a clear vision or specific goal, you probably daydream about what you wish your brand could turn into…


The difficult part is figuring out how to get there. There are a lot of roadblocks on the way to success. And figuring out a way around each one is SO overwhelming. But…


The truth is, you CAN accomplish even your loftiest of goals


But you can't do it alone. Which is why we founded Flourish & Thrive Academy in the first place – to be a complete business resource for jewelry designers just like you!


So in honor of the opening of registration for the home study version of our signature course, Laying the Foundation


We wanted to share a few REAL LIFE stories from designers just like you who’ve accomplished what seemed to be impossible in the face of breast cancer, hobby not a biz syndrome, career burnout and more.


Below you are going to find some amazing stories that we hope will inspire you!


Melissa Camilleri

In this video, Melissa reveals how she:

  • Went from expensive hobby to full time business
  • Moved her business from apartment to studio space with employees
  • Quadrupled her business in one year

Ana Maria Andricain

In this video, hear how Ana Maria courageously:

  • Kept her business thriving even in the face of breast cancer
  • Marketed her business from her bed
  • Increased websales to $300-600 a day

Cat Preston

In this Video, Cat reveals the secret to how she:

  • Spends more time doing what she loves in her business
  • No longer feels alone as a designer and and entrepreneur
  • Has a toolkit to transform her brand

Irina Zhan

In this video, Irina explains how she had the confidence to:

  • Quit her full time job to transform her hobby into a thriving business
  • Up her resources to amp up her design muscles
  • Attract Celebrity Fans and DREAM clients

Sienna Kittelman

After 15 years in the industry, Sienna:

  • Went from feeling isolated to supported
  • Doubled her business
  • Upped her confidence and transformed Personally & Professionally

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  • What does a LACK of support and applicable business advice feel like to you?
  • How were you inspired by THESE stories?