#23: Creating a Desirable Jewelry Brand That Everyone Knows About

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The night before I recorded this episode, I had a jewelry brand revelation.


It all started when I sat down and really thought about what you, the Thrive by Design listeners, really wanted. When I thought about the feeling I get when I see someone wearing my jewelry, I knew that was a feeling all designers want to experience.


It suddenly clicked: As jewelry designers, all we want is for our work to be desired.


We want to add artistic value to our clients lives. We want them to be in awe that we could come up with such a gorgeous design. We want them to desire and be inspired by our pieces.


After much deliberation, I finally decided on some of my favorite ways to cultivate a desirable brand that everyone knows about. Click ‘play’ and let’s get started!


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Have a Conversation with Your Desired Audience


Knowing who you are marketing to will make it that much easier to attract your desired audience. Ask previous customers why they bought and why they chose your jewelry. You can do this with stellar customer service emails or adding a post-purchase survey option to your website.


What do your DREAM clients desire from your jewelry? What need, no matter how materialistic or sentimental, does it fill? You might find a reoccurring reason, and that might just be what we like to call your DSP or Desired Sharing Proposition. If you’re not quite sure what we mean by that, take a listen to the podcast above to hear some examples.


Discover What Makes You Unique, Valuable, & Desirable


Now, this is where your brand’s origin story comes into play: Do you have a unique way of approaching business, or an interesting viewpoint from your experiences? What about the founding of your jewelry business stands out as unique or astounding?


OR perhaps the answer doesn’t lie in your “About” story, but your pieces themselves. What about your design process or materials sets you apart from the rest? What are YOU doing that isn’t mainstream? Asking these questions is going to get you closer and closer to finding your DSP, which we talk more about in the podcast above!


Communicating with Your Authentic Voice


In order to truly communicate with your desired audience, you must hone in on your authentic brand voice. Your “voice” encompasses a lot of things, including your writing style, personality, tone, topic tendencies, and point of view.


In Episode #22, I spoke with Amanda Berlin about standing out from the crowd. According to her, speaking in your authentic voice, whether its on social media, in website content, or in your emails, is vital to differentiating yourself in the jewelry industry. Use your voice to concentrate and highlight your DSP, what makes you unique, and what makes you stand out as a designer.


Don’t forget to ‘play’ or download the episode, because I go over a TON of examples to illustrate the power of creating desire! In the comments below, share with everyone at least 2 things that you feel help your brand stand out!


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