This Successful Designer Revamped Her Systems, Said Goodbye To Overwhelm, and Hello To An Extra $18K/Month

Use systems to make more money

Meet Jennifer Dawes of Jennifer Dawes Designs. Jennifer creates sustainable, ethically-sourced fine jewelry in rural Sonoma County, California.

Jennifer has been designing jewelry for 20 years and her business has been very successful. But when she came to us, she was feeling burned out and overwhelmed. She was even thinking of quitting if she couldn’t get her business in a better place.

From the start, Jennifer knew she needed help in three key areas: 

  • She desperately needed to get her business back to a more manageable level because it felt like it had grown out of control, with so much redundancy that some tasks were happening *three times* instead of once.
  • She wanted to increase revenue without necessarily having a large team or demanding more from herself. 
  • She also wanted to get more direct sales to consumers and not have to rely on wholesale as much. 

The one worry she had when starting Momentum was the time commitment it required––she was already stretched so thin and didn’t see how she could spare the time needed to implement the program. 

But she was desperate for something to change, so she jumped in anyway. (Best decision ever!)

Right away, we honed in on three things Jennifer could work on to keep her business from overtaking her life: upgrading her website to get better conversions, develop selling techniques for social media, and using a CRM to manage her clients.

Jennifer went to work right away.

Soon, Jennifer had set up a HubSpot CRM to streamline communications with her wholesale and custom order clients, started using story-selling techniques to get in front of her audience more, and upgraded her website with a higher-converting design.

Now, Jennifer’s business is so streamlined that her profit margin increased by $18,000/month! She’s now able to work with a smaller team, which cuts down her costs considerably. And her website is better-converting because people can figure out how to inquire about custom orders much more easily than with the old design.

Now Jennifer has a lot more joy in her life, and feels much more like herself. (Finally!) She was so impressed by the help she got in Momentum that she said Flourish & Thrive Academy should be a “mandatory MBA” for all jewelry brands, artists, and creative makers.

So what do you think? Wondering if Momentum could be the change you need in your own business? Why don’t you schedule a business accelerator call with our team? We’ll be able to tell you if you’re the perfect fit for us.