How One Jewelry Designer Sells Out of Her Collections In Less Than An Hour

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I’d like to introduce you to one of our superstar jewelry designers, Alex Camacho of Acid Queen Jewelry in Idlewild, CA.

Alex specializes in making one-of-a-kind jewelry collections that go live every month, and her business has skyrocketed since she joined our jewelry design business mastermind program, Momentum.

Alex’s jewelry business couldn’t break through her income plateau.

When Alex first came to us, she was having trouble selling out her ready-to-wear collection. Her most loyal customers had already purchased what they wanted, and she wasn’t getting new customers consistently. 

Alex knew she needed a better-converting website to help get lurkers to make sales.

Now I’ve got to tell you, Alex is a real go-getter. She wasn’t in dire straits when she joined Momentum. On the contrary, she was doing pretty well. She was making roughly $65K in revenue a year.

But she wasn’t satisfied with staying where she was. She knew she needed some outside mentoring to help her grow and scale her jewelry business. 

I was doing a lot of research,” Alex said, “and I felt like my only options may be going into a showroom or trying to hire another consultant. And nothing really felt right.” 

Alex wasn’t about to settle for “good enough”––she wanted to be spectacular, but she didn’t know what to do next to reach her goals faster. 

That’s when she found us. 

I really just needed something to help me navigate how I could actually make my jewelry business more profitable without working harder these waters and move forward,” she said, and Momentum was it. 

Alex increased her jewelry business revenue by 69% in only 6 months.

So within Momentum, we worked with Alex on four key areas:

  • Building out her brand story, so people connected with the WHY behind her business;
  • Optimizing her website, to turn visitors into customers;
  • Increasing her audience through social media, email marketing, and strategic advertising;
  • Putting systems in place so she could move faster, produce more jewelry & make more sales without working harder

When she entered Momentum, Alex had set a goal to increase her revenue by 10%. But six months after starting, Alex grew her business from a projected $65K year to $110K. Her second year in Momentum, she ended up grossing over $150K. 

Then, 2020 rolled around.

That was a rough year for everyone, even Alex. “At first… I was just pulling stuff out of my studio and just selling whatever I could, to be honest. Like, it was crazy.” She told me. “But then, once we got back on track, I was able to really harness my community.

Using strategies taught at Flourish & Thrive community, Alex learned to get comfortable on camera and leveraged virtual events and strategic marketing to continue growing her business, even during the pandemic.

By the end of 2020, Alex made $330,000 in sales. More than double what she had made the year before!

I owe that to a lot of what I learned about branding and being on video and putting yourself out there, and really being like, the person who's guiding your brand.”

3 simple marketing tips Alex used to sell out her jewelry collections.

Alex concentrated on amplifying her business by running more strategic ads, which has connected her with a much bigger customer base. She expanded her audience so much that she completely sold out of her ready-to-wear collection––which was one of her goals when she joined Momentum.

Even better, Alex sold out of her one-of-a-kind monthly collections in March and April––which were both $25K months––within an hour of sending out emails to let her audience know about the new collections. (She actually had customers new to her circle who were upset that they didn’t get a chance to buy her latest pieces!)

Her customers are now trained to shop as soon as her emails land in their inbox. Her May collection sold out within ten minutes.

Alex doesn’t necessarily want to grow her business into a huge empire––she’s building her business so she can enjoy life on her terms. 

For her, it’s all about living the lifestyle she always wanted, doing things like hiking two hours a day, taking a month off every year to travel, and of course, designing jewelry. 

As they say, the proof is in the pudding! 

Since she started Momentum, Alex had her dream wedding, took a month off for her honeymoon, bought her forever house, and reduced her work hours to only 5-6 hours a day. (And yes, she does go hiking two hours every day, just as she dreamed of!)

“[Momentum] was a large investment for me at the time, but I had a gut feeling that it would pay off,” Alex told me.

“I think that my mindset and the way I feel as a human are different. I’m less stressed about money, and I’m able to live a lifestyle that I want to live and spend money on things I want to do without having to worry about it.”

Alex is still maintaining steady growth year over year and ended 2021 with $420k in sales!

She continues to implement what she's learned through Momentum and ended 2021 with $420K in annual sales. That's an incredible 27% growth from the prior year!

How could Momentum revolutionize your business? Apply for a Strategy Audit today.

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