#15: Trade Show Planning Tips from a Trade Show Carnie

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Are you completely overwhelmed by the world of trade shows? You’re not alone. With hundreds of trade shows to choose from and plan for, the whole process can be daunting.

Whether you like it or not, trade shows are a necessity, even in 2015, for any wholesale jewelry business. Lucky for you, Flourish & Thrive’s very own Robin Kramer happens to be the queen of jewelry trade shows, and she’s here to give us her top trade show planning tips!

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Research is Necessary

We can’t stress enough the importance of doing your homework and researching trade shows. There are hundreds of trade shows to choose from, so why not choose carefully. Participating in a trade show can require quite a hefty investment of time, money, and resources.

Robin recommends always walking a trade show before you participate, if at all possible. Find out if your DREAM buyers will be attending the show, and do the math on the expenses before signing up! Once you’ve decided on a show, read the show manual like it’s your bible! It’s chock full of dates, floor plans, forms, and specifications that you’ll need to know like the back of your hand.

Define Your Measurements of Success

NEVER exhibit at any trade shows without going in with clear goals. Whether you simply want to gain exposure to a large number of potential buyers or if you want to check out the competition, it’s important to know what you want going in.

Break down your goals into bite-sized chunks and be specific with the things you want to accomplish. Be sure you define your goals in a way that can be measured. For instance, don’t just say “I want to open new accounts.” Instead, try “I want to open 10 new accounts.”

Each account you open will feel like one step closer to your goal, and it will make exhibiting that much more exhilarating!

Design an Inviting Booth

Your booth at a trade show is your first impression to totally new prospects, so you should be sure you’re clearly communicating your brand and vision. Robin always recommends setting up a “mock booth” in your studio and mapping out how you will merchandise your booth a couple weeks in advance.

Be sure your logo and product images are big enough to be seen from a distance, and your jewelry is priced and displayed beautifully. You’ll even want to include a mirror or two so buyers can try your pieces for themselves. Always try to make it easy for your buyer to shop!

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