#25: The Process of Discovery as a Jewelry Designer with Heather B. Moore

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On today’s podcast, I sat down with Cleveland-based jewelry designer Heather B. Moore to discuss her brand journey and the process of discovery. As creatives, jewelers, and makers, it can be all too easy to feel unsure about your own path. If you’re feeling stuck, in a rut, uninspired, or any of the above, Heather’s words will totally reinvigorate you.


Click ‘play’ below to listen to Heather’s story, and scroll down to hear my biggest takeaways from our conversation!


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Be Open to New Directions


As Heather tells us in the podcast above, her journey to becoming a successful jewelry designers certainly isn’t textbook. She found new inspiration that influenced the direction of her life and business at every corner she turned – whether it came from a stamp set she bought when she was 13 years old or a part-time employee she hired straight out of high school.


She travel the country and was always open to education when it came her way. She wouldn’t be making the designs she is today if it weren’t for her openness and her ability to surrender to new experiences at the drop of a hat.


Be Confident


Heather exudes confidence in a way that most of us wish we could. When she tells me an anecdote about how she got into art school, I learned she pretty much got in on confidence alone. She said “I’ll be a good student, even if I can’t sketch like my peers right now.” And you know what – it worked.


Even today, her confidence is what helps her land every sale. She makes quality work that truly makes a big impact on her client’s lives, and she’s not afraid to be honest about it! She perfectly walks the line between being too “sales-y” and too humble. If there’s one lesson to learn from her story, it’s this: You CAN be authentic while being confident.


Be a Great Listener


One of the most interesting things I took away from today’s episode was the importance of listening to your client base. Heather designs heirlooms that will be cherished for generations to come. Her main goal is have her jewelry be admired and appreciated by her customers. To achieve this effect, she consistently puts her clients first.


At tradeshows, Heather sometimes has to step away for a moment, purely because the stories she’s hearing from her clients can get so intense. After all, she designs personalized jewelry, and things can definitely get personal! These client stories keep her in check and remind her why she is designing these pieces in the first place. She listens to their stories and truly takes their desires to heart like none other.


To learn more about Heather’s winding biography, her brand’s journey to ultimate success, and her process of discovery, don’t forget to take a listen to the podcast above.


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