#66 Maximize Your Black Friday Trifecta Promotion

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Welcome to crunch time!


In our jewelry biz world, these next 16 days are like finals week college or the night before your wedding.


They are make or break.


Just a reminder (but I’m sure you don’t need it) most jewelry businesses generate nearly half of their sales revenue for the year during the holiday season.


That means that if you have no plan in place, or if your plan is to do a mass discount on your entire inventory (don’t!)…


You Need to stop what you’re doing now and listen to this episode.


The Black Friday Trifecta (Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday) can make or break your holiday sales season.


So let me help you have your best ever.


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Don’t Jump Straight to Discounts


When it comes to Black Friday weekend, most designers decide to offer a discount And that might seem all fine and good in the short term, but what it really ends up doing is getting people accustomed to buying from you at a discount.


Instead of doing a mass markdown promotion, I want you to reframe what you would like to offer and think of this in terms of adding value for your client instead of discounting. I’ll teach you how to do that in the episode!


A Marathon, Not a Sprint


Black Friday Trifecta weekend is just that…a weekend, not one day. I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t done Friday at midnight. If someone does buy your offer on the first day of your promotion, let them know that you’ll be offering a different promotion on each Saturday and Sunday.


You can also use an upsell or downsell to increase your profits. If someone doesn’t take you up on the day one offer, you can downsell that into something that’ less expensive. Or, if they do buy something you can upsell them into adding another item into their cart.


Leverage Technology


Tactics like upselling and down-selling do take some more sophisticated technology. A lot of these functionalities come in a shopping cart platform like Shopify and other popular sites.


Using one of these advance platforms offers you lots of plugins and applications that you can add to your shopping cart functionality The key is to really think it through and know now what your offer or promotion is going to be.


Alright, if you feel totally stuck and you have limited ideas on what to offer to your customers, I have an amazing training for you that I think you are gonna love.


I created this for our students in our Diamond Insider’s Club – and they get it for free as part of the membership.


However, I’ve decided to offer it up to YOU for the lowest price possible since I know you want to have one of the best Black Friday weekends ever!


It’s called The Black Friday Trifecta: Pro Tips For a Profitable Black Friday Promotion.


And it’s designed to teach you how to…

  • Craft an Awesome Offer that Your Dream Clients Can’t Wait to Buy!
  • Execute a Highly Profitable Promotion Plan that Pays!
  • Uplevel Your Holiday Success by Increasing the Size of Every Order!
  • Leave No Detail Behind and Brand Your Business Like a Boss.


I give you at least 8-10 ideas on different types of promotions (beyond discounts) that will get more people buying your promotion.


PLUS, I give you loads of ninja tactics and share some really amazing technology that could potentially triple your sales this Holiday Season and year round.


AND…you’ll also get our 29 page workbook that walks you step by step through creating an offer that keeps your Dream Clients awaiting your Black Friday promotion email with their wallets open.



So make sure you grab it for the steal of a deal at $49.


To your trifecta success!


xo, Tracy


The Black Friday Trifecta: Pro Tips For a Profitable Black Friday Promotion.
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