#72 Building a Better Brand Presence with Arianne Foulks

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Have you DREAMED of having the kind of brand that makes you Insta-famous? Or having web traffic for days?


I bet you have.


… But how to get there?


You know that adage; flaunt it, if you got it?! What you ‘got’ is your unique story. It’s the best asset you have as a jewelry designer.


It’s like your fingerprint – OOAK! That’s why your story is a great jumping point when you’re developing a brand.


Today my super special guest, Arianne Foulks, is going to help you define your story and build a better brand presence.


Arianne is the captain and co-founder of Aeolidia.com. She’s an expert at digital and visual branding.


Arianne works with so many amazing designers and has tons of spot-on advice.


… And I know you’re dying to hear how to convert traffic.


But let’s talk about getting more traffic first.


Arianne is going to tell you how right now, so let’s see what she has to say.


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The Complete Visual Package


Branding isn’t just your logo – That’s only one small part! Branding is your complete visual package. It reps your company at every interaction.


Even the unboxing experience is part of your brand. So set your biz apart with your story. From social media and photography to line sheets and displays. Ask yourself, does this make sense for my brand? Am I telling the right story to the right client?


Speaking of the right client


Who is your DREAM client?


Super important info here, designers! The more you know about your DREAM client, the more effective you can be. Know details like hobbies and if they drink red, white, or rose`.


Arianne has a great marketing tip on this in the podcast, so be sure to listen for it.


Keeping Up


Social media and technology help define your brand and tell your story.


… And they change super fast. So it’s hard to keep up. But that’s the game we’re in and to stay competitive, you gotta play.


Making a website is super easy and it’s such a big part of your branding. So out with the old; in with the new.

You don’t have to be a computer wiz, either. But the best part? You can do it in a weekend. Website builders like Shopify and Squarespace make it so simple. Choose a theme; drag and drop.


Oh, and we’ve hooked you up with a great deal at Shopify. So get started on your beautiful new site today!


Arianne is so on point, too. If you’re not a graphic designer, don’t mess with the theme layout too much. Keep it simple, clean, and mobile friendly.


A ton of traffic is coming from mobile!


Converting Looky-loos to Buyers


Wracking your brain over sales conversions lately? You’re definitely not alone. Understanding why shoppers aren’t taking the plunge can be tricky. It’s something a lot of designers struggle with.


Increasing your sales conversions is totally do-able. Good branding, marketing, and understanding your DREAM client is so clutch. Arianne and I cover a lot on this in the podcast.


We also reveal an awesome three part solution you can implement now to solve the online sales puzzle.


Once you have all the pieces, converting traffic is going to be a synch.


xo, Tracy


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