#78 How to Explode Your Jewelry Sales Using Facebook Groups with Lauren Zavlunov

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Wondering how to stand out on Facebook can cause some serious stress, confusion and overwhelm.


Can you relate?


You’re not alone!


With changing algorithms and fan pages, Facebook especially can be a tough nut to crack.


So it’s time to think outside the box!


Or the group…


Facebook groups are an awesome way to create community, create a raving fan base and nurture repeat customers for life.


This is what inspired me to invite Lauren Zavlunov, the owner/designer at Jewels of Saraswati, and the founder of Social Jewels onto the show today. She grew her jewelry business using social media to build an engaged following of thousands.


Lauren is a master at Facebook so today we are going to explore How to Explode Your Jewelry Sales Using Facebook Groups.


Let’s get started!


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Facebook Pages VS. Facebook Groups


Pages and groups have very different functions. Both are necessary to build a thriving online jewelry business. Use your page to start a conversation and get your brand out there. Think of it like a secondary website.


online marketing guide for jewelry designers


The goal with groups is to create an intimate setting for your fans and customers to bond with you and each other.


Serve Before You Sell


Creating a group where people feel comfortable enough to participate needs to start from a place of service.


The majority of your efforts should be supporting and helping people. Having a Facebook group isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot to run a profitable group, but if you have the time and dedication it’s one of the best ways to grow your tribe and boost your sales!


Growing Your Facebook Group (without being spammy!)


Once your group is set up, we recommend setting it to ‘closed’, send a dedicated email to your list asking them to join your VIP group. Be sure you tell them exactly how to join the group because not everyone knows.


Please do not add people to your group without their consent!

Always mention the specific benefit to the members when posting on social media. Instead of asking them to join, tell them what they get when they join.


Keep your focus on how you can help people and you can’t go wrong!


xo, Tracy

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