#111 Digital Marketing Momentum Series Part 1: Your Sold Out E-Store Website Checklist

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What happens when someone buys from you online?


For a lot of jewelry designers I work with, the answer is, “I respond to their message, make or find the item, and ship the item!”


Girl, if you’re doing all the work before and after you make a sale, you’re not ready to sell out your e-store!


Also, the sales process doesn’t stop after you ship the item, lovely!


Often times, designers get ahead of themselves, thinking they need to get a ton of new customers for their business to grow, but that’s not always the case.



Today on the show, I’m sharing with you how to get more e-commerce sales AND how to set up your business to process those sales with very little to no effort from you!


Take a listen, m’dear…I’m droppin’ some truth bombs so get ready!


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Getting Serious About Standing on Your Own


If you’re selling through Etsy or another site like it, it’s almost impossible to build a real online following for your brand because you aren’t standing on your own.


Drawing a line in the sand, and saying, “I’m an independent jewelry designer” has power, even if it’s just by having your own website.


Making it Easy to Buy


E-commerce websites are super easy to put together with the rise of companies like Shopify. Their templates are mobile responsive – which is essential. Everyone is browsing on their phones, and if you’re looking to really sell out your e-store… you gotta be everywhere your Dream Clients are!


Start Taking Names


Website visitors usually aren’t ready to buy when they first find your website. This is why having some way to capture their name and email address is such a smart way to keep people coming back!


Offer an insider gift with purchase or special incentive for them to sign up. Always have the mindset of giving more than you’re taking to really build trust with Dream Clients and getting those sales!


Set aside a few minutes for the Digital Marketing Momentum Scorecard so you can pinpoint exactly what needs attention in your digital marketing and build your brand like a pro!


#111 podcast opt-in scorecard


Let me know your results! I’d seriously love to hear…


xo, Tracy


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