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#86 How to Get Your Jewelry on Celebrities for Free

As a jewelry designer, you can’t help but notice it on everyone. For you, red carpets are not so much about music, movies, or culture…it’s all about the jewelry! Can I get a hellz yeah?! I can totally relate. For the longest time, I wanted to be the designer worn by celebrities. But I didn’t…

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#84 The #1 Way to Get More Traffic to Your Jewelry Website

Having a jewelry business these days sort of requires you to double as a marketing guru. Or at least it definitely feels that way sometimes! You’re learning new terms like “sales funnel” “pixel” and “brand assets” The big one I’m always hearing about is “website traffic.” All this really means one thing; finding people who…

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#83 Facebook Ads 101 for Jewelry Designers with Kathleen Cutler

It’s no secret. Everyone is pretty much hanging out on Facebook. So it’s naturally a really good way to connect with those DREAM Clients who’re gonna love your jewelry! Because of the ever-changing algorithms…posting on your fan page every day isn’t going to cut it like it used to. There’s some great news though: standing…

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