#86 How to Get Your Jewelry on Celebrities for Free

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As a jewelry designer, you can’t help but notice it on everyone.


For you, red carpets are not so much about music, movies, or culture…it’s all about the jewelry!


Can I get a hellz yeah?!


I can totally relate.


For the longest time, I wanted to be the designer worn by celebrities.


But I didn’t know the first thing about getting their attention…or making a pitch.



Eventually, my jewelry was being worn by total A-list celebs like Halle Barry, Orlando Bloom, and Charlize Theron!


How did I make the switch?


I’m about to share my best red carpet secrets with you on today’s show!


Let’s clear the runway and get this party started!


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Think Globally, Act Locally


Getting noticed by Jessica Alba didn’t happen overnight. Truth is, I didn’t connect with her. It was her stylist. Starting with the big guns seems impossible, but don’t sweat it!


Test your pitch on local celebrities first. Think local newscasters, singers, politicians, business owners, any name people in your city recognize! Plus, you never know who people are gonna know! It can lead to so much more.


Hear my American Idol story on the show!


Break the Mold


Celebrities aren't just people who win Oscars and Grammy’s. A high profile entrepreneur can get you way more sales than, say, a celebrity appearance on a sitcom.


Some of my best exposure came from a relationship with a stylist! Reach out to people in your network. Childhood friends, extended family, you’d be surprised how many people have connections and are willing to help!


I’ve got more out-of-the-box ideas on the show.


Take the Next Step


Once you get to “yes” don’t slow down! Take advantage of the opportunity and promote the heck out of it. Leverage this PR like crazy, because you never know when you will have the opportunity again.


Post it on all social media channels, send it out in your newsletter, and call your friends and family. Seriously. Your friends will talk like crazy! Make sure to listen to the episode to catch a few BIG mistakes to avoid.


Getting your jewelry on celebrities is all about your relationship and your pitch.


You gotta say the right thing at the right time to get to “yes”!


xo, Tracy