#22: How to Differentiate Your Jewelry Business from the Crowd with Amanda Berlin

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In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Berlin, a PR & communications guru who left a decade of corporate experience behind to work with small business owners like you and me.


She recently taught a stellar course called Create Content that Connects: Pitch School and has taught trainings for us over at Flourish & Thrive Academy. She’s a true expert and getting your brand out there, and I couldn’t be more excited to have her on the podcast.


No matter which way you spin, your business will always have competition. Instead of letting that fact discourage you, we wanted to chat about why the landscape of the jewelry industry can actually really lend itself to setting your brand apart from the rest. Let’s dive in, shall we?


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Offer FREE Value


I am the first to admit that there is SO MUCH free jewelry out there, and I completely empathize with the feeling of overwhelm you might feel when you realize the vastness of your competition. One truly revolutionary way that Amanda recommends to stand out from the crowd is to offer value, even when that means giving it away for free.


Whether you’re trying to garner attention for your brand via publicity from a media outlet or a blog post, you’ll want your offer to be super specific, relevant to the audience, timely, and actionable. Whether you’re offering a direct solution to a problem or giving advice, you’ll want to provide some sort of value in the form of free content that your DREAM clients will eat up! Click ‘play’ on the podcast above to hear Amanda and I’s examples if you’re still scratching your head!



Tap into Your Origin Story


One of the best ways to connect with your DREAM clients on a deep level is to really hone in on your origin story. Your origin story is what shapes your about page, your biography, and any content and materials about you and your brand that are being used for publicity.


Amanda recommends creating a steady flow for your story, with a format consisting of something resembling a ‘Before,’ an ‘Epiphany,’ and an ‘After.’ For jewelry designers, this format will really highlight why you started your design business. And, by the way, you’re going to want that ‘why’ to be the exact message your DREAM client is craving for or is going to resonate with.


Get Specific on your Originality


Finally, it’s time to take a good hard look at your product and ask yourself, “What makes my designs unique?” It can be as simple as where you work or a certain material or process you implement in your designs. Maybe your designs are all handmade, or maybe your gemstones are of particularly unique quality. Whatever it is, really spend some time defining what is unique about your designs, and be sure to get specific in your product descriptions and other copy!


As Amanda says, you’re not going to alienate anyone by getting specific; the more specific you are, the more you’re going to resonate with more people.


Don’t forget to click ‘play’ above to learn more about this revolutionary way to stand out from the crowd with your jewelry brand, and let us know 1 major change you’re going to implement in your marketing, publicity, and outreach efforts in the comments below!


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