#87 How to Build an Email List for Your Jewelry E-Commerce Business

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Do you have email list envy?


It’s really true what they say, “The money is in the list”….well really the relationship with your list…


Whether you’re starting from zero or have a loyal base of customers, everyone can use a little help growing their email list.


I actually think I’m addicted to list building.


List building is fascinating for me and every time I see a new strategy, I bust out my iPhone notes or take a screenshot whenever I see a new strategy for attracting more DREAM clients to my list!


The key to staying ahead is keeping up with new trends to attract your DREAM clients.


Today on the show I’m giving away 27 Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Brand Email List!



Everything from tried and true to new and exciting!


It’s all here.


I also have a checklist for you to download after the show, or to follow along with while you listen!


Click here to get your copy.


So let’s begin in 3, 2, 1…


Click here to download the show notes


Why Your List Matters


You need control over your business, sweetie. Getting an email provider and building your list is the best way to do that. Having a large social media following is a good way to get exposure.


But these are separate businesses with their own terms of use and policies. They constantly change, too! The last thing you want is to accidentally break a rule and then lose your peeps!


Get Eyeballs on Your Opt In


Your opt in needs to be ultra visible! Use exit intent, time delayed, and scrolling percentage pop ups to get eyes on your opt in. They’re not annoying and can actually be helpful to the visitor!


Don’t forget to make things FUN for your dream clients. Instead of saying “sign up” choose button copy like “Let’s Do This” or “Become a VIP”. Many more ideas are waiting for you on the show today! So you’re definitely gonna wanna listen.


Irresistible Incentives


Everyone loves the word, FREE. Offering people something really valuable grows your list like gang busters. Especially a high ticket giveaway! This gives you volume, but not necessarily quality. Some social media sites have rules about how you can promote.


On the show I talk about how you can still drive traffic and build your list using Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook without breaking any rules.


There are about 20 more ideas on the show, and I’ve put them together in a neat little checklist for you!


xo, Tracy


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