#97 How to Triple Media Leads in 30 Days or Less with Andreea Matei

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Building a jewelry business on a budget just became easier.


Instead of spending countless hours hauling your collections around the country going to expensive events, you can get amazing press coverage at no cost to you!




Pitch to media outlets.


Yes m’dear, it’s totally possible to get your jewelry featured in magazines, blog posts, TV spots, celebrities, etc. without paying a dime.


Lucky for you, editors are always looking for new and exciting jewelry to feature in their gift guides!


So I’ve brought my friend, Andreea Matei, back on the show to share with you how she got tons of press opportunities as an entrepreneur over the past decade!


(I share a few stories of my own about how PR exposure has played a role in my business growth.)


Andreea started a tshirt business in 2006 before Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. She realized in order to grow her sales she had to grow her publicity.


She practiced, read books, took courses, and before she knew it she was getting featured in a bunch of magazines, on TV, and even celebrities.


Eventually, other people started noticing all her features and asked her to help!


Now, Andreea makes finding PR leads super easy for people just like you via Media Leads, a business that provides a vetted, updated database of media lists, product requests, sample pitches…and more!


Joining the Media Leads database gives you a real chance at connecting personally with editors at big time magazines and blogs.


This episode is a real treat, especially since now is the time to pitch media outlets for the Holiday season!


Crazy, I know! Let’s get started!


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Plan to Pitch


Everyone gets busy. As the business owner, it’s your main responsibility to keep sales coming in. You can hire other people to handle day to day issues that come up.



Schedule in an hour or two each month to send out press pitches. Eventually, you get used to the feeling and it becomes second nature! You won’t be intimidated or scared by pitching your collections!


Pitch Early


Planning is your best friend when it comes to pitching media. Remember, print media takes a lot longer to plan and create than, say, a blog post.


Editors are working on their Holiday issue in July, so waiting to pitch them in October is not gonna fly! Always think 4-6 months in advance when pitching.


Design with Holidays in Mind


Getting media attention is easier when your designs are a “perfect fit” for the issue a magazine is working on. Just because your brand doesn’t always feature “love” related designs doesn’t mean you can’t create something for a Valentine’s Day issue!


Having this “limited time only” edition of designs motivates both media and consumers to pay attention!


Want to get yourself featured this Holiday season?


xo, Tracy


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