#96 How to Navigate the Recent Instagram Changes to Recapture Engagement

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Making room for authentic connection is the goal of Instagram’s platform.


But the spammers are everywhere…


“Nice pic!”


“Luv ur feed!”


“Great lighting in this one!”


Ugh. You can just tell they are auto-generated comments!


This is what the good ol’ folks at Instagram are cracking down on, because it’s turning people off of their platform.


Can I get a hellz yeah??


It’s tough to tell what’s genuine and what’s fake without a person looking at each and every interaction…


Hence, the shadow ban.


Good thing I’ve invited Melissa Camilleri, our community Instagram expert, back on the show to teach us about the changes happening in Instagram engagement!



If you haven’t met Melissa, she is a high school English teacher turned CEO and the Founder of Compliment Inc and the 21-Day Instacourse, helping people gain massive exposure on Instagram even with a shoestring budget!


Grab your notepad and a pen, because this episode is fully loaded with details on rocking your Instagram!


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Instagram wants to protect their community. At the end of the day, the accounts that have high engagement and interested followers will rise above those trying to build their following superficially.


They haven’t given specific guidelines to avoid this shadow ban. The best way to stay ‘safe’ is to stick to the basics. Always be genuine and post from a place of service.


Why Numbers DO Lie


Just because you have a bunch of followers doesn’t mean you have a great Instagram following. The way you get your followers matters. Being genuine and helpful attracts people who really believe in what you’re doing.


Buying numbers doesn’t boost your sales. So they best way to stay away from getting banned or temporarily blocked from Instagram is not cutting corners.


Stay Calm, and ‘Gram On


Don’t worry. Instagram success isn’t going away. Building relationships and building community has always been the best way to grow your following. Gimmicks will always be a risky way to increase your following.


It’s not about “likes” and “followers”, it’s about how you can engage with the people you want to serve. Focusing on connection is the best way to become “algorithm proof”.


xo, Tracy


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