5 Tips for Writing Emails That Convert for Creative Businesses

image of woman sending emails about her jewelry brand

The right email marketing strategy is sure to make a difference in your efforts. But, your emails still need to show your product in the best light possible and convert your readers into paying shoppers.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips you can implement that will win over your audience and help prevent old inventory from becoming a problem ever again.

1. Stick to your branding

Your brand, whether personal or part of a bigger picture, plays a huge role in winning over customers. But, branding doesn’t start and stop on your website or social media posts. Your brand needs to be consistent in your emails, too. In fact, you could see a 33% increase in revenue by sticking with consistent branding.

Keep your branding consistent in your email efforts. This means using language you’d use on your site or in social posts, ensuring your brand colors or logo are displayed prominently, and speaking to your customers in your emails as you would anywhere else.

2. Tailor emails for each segment

Anytime you’re sending your email to list segments, you’ll want to ensure each email is tailored to fit that segment. This could mean only subtle differences, or it could result in a few drastically different emails.

For example, let’s say you’re sending to two different segments: the Gen Z part of your audience, and the Baby Boomer part of your audience. Studies show Gen Z enjoy gifs in emails, while Baby Boomers don’t. So, it would make sense to include a funny gif or product gif in your email to Gen Z, but not to your Baby Boomer segment.

Over time you’ll likely notice various trends in which emails perform better with each list segment. Take note of the body copy of these emails and dig for contextual clues. There’s a big chance certain types of language or subject lines work better with some segments than they do for others!

3. Be brief

It’s easy to get carried away when writing an email. Remember: an email is not a 1:1 substitute for a social post or article. Your audience is busy, so emails need to get straight to the point.

A large study by Hubspot puts the best email length at anywhere from 50-125 words. This is a good benchmark, but keep in mind your audience may have different tastes. Don’t be afraid to test out slightly longer emails, especially if you have a lot of information to get across.

Your email length should also vary depending on the type of email being sent. For example, a simple coupon code or sale can be verbalized in fewer words than a product announcement.

4. Personalize when possible

A little personalization can go a long way. In one study, half of all influencers surveyed said personalization is the most important email tactic.

Email personalization comes in a few forms. First, you can personalize the subject line. This is generally doable within your email marketing platform by adding in a First Name field in the subject line. This will pull the first name of each recipient upon sending to your list, making the email read with the person’s name in the subject line.

You can also personalize within the body of the email, adding the recipient’s first name to the introduction or elsewhere within the text. This makes it sound as if you’re speaking directly to your audience within the email, making it more engaging and personal.

5. Make the CTA strong and prominent

The CTA (call to action) is the point at which you ask your audience to do something. For example, in a product launch email your CTA would likely be a link to that product’s page. Or, in a sale email, your CTA would take the recipient to the sale page.

When crafting an email, it’s important your CTA be well-worded, spurring your audience into action. Ask yourself what it is you want your audience to do upon receiving the email. Then, put yourself in their shoes and think, “What would make me click this link?”

For example, let’s say you’re running a 20% off sale on your older items. Your email could easily end with a button that says, “Shop now.” This is direct, but bland. Instead, create a CTA that drives home the value proposition: Save 20% before these items are gone for good!

The above CTA tells your reader exactly what they can expect by clicking that button, while also using FOMO to urge them into action. You’ll want to make sure the CTA stands alone on its own line, unobscured by any other text or images, too!

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