#212 How to Get People to Open Your Emails with Tarzan Kay

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Wanna know what’s crazy? Business owners notoriously underutilize their email list. They’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity for growth.

This week I chatted with the clever and energetic Tarzan Kay! She might be even more passionate about email marketing than I am. And that’s saying something…

She started as a copywriter and soon discovered the magic of well-written emails. With only 37 people on her email list, she found stunning growth through bi-weekly email marketing.

With thousands of people on her list now, Tarzan works with businesses to help them grow their company and define their brand.

Plus, she has the coolest name ever…

Listen to this week’s episode to catch a bit of her genius!

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Forget About The Numbers

Every entrepreneur has 99 problems, and an email list is one.

Business owners are always asking, “How many people should I have on my email list?” But if you’re looking for a number, you’ve got it all wrong.

It’s waaaay more important to nurture your relationships with the people on your list than it is to have a big list of people you don’t know.

In some ways, having a small list can be a competitive advantage. What?!

Yeah, if you only have like 100 people on your list, you can do things that you’d never be able to pull off with a list of 1,000 people. You can send personalized messages, reach out one-on-one, and really nurture strong connections.

Stop worrying about how many people are on your list! Be consistent, keep building your list, and really focus on the relationships you have with your current list.

Start A Conversation

A great strategy for building those relationships is to just talk to the people you’re emailing. Shocking, I know.

This is especially effective for people with smaller email lists who have that lucrative opportunity to personalize their emails.

Try asking a simple question at the end of the email. Something like, “Here’s who I am, who are you?” or be more specific to your brand like, “What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to styling your jewelry?”

It’s amazing how the simplest gestures can mean the most for your customer relationships!

Be A Tease

Time for the million-dollar question: How do you get people to open your emails?

A lot of people are afraid of writing emails because they think, “I don’t know how to write.” It’s all just a matter of practicing, m’dear.

Subject lines are going to make or break your engagement. When you sit down to write an email, challenge yourself to write at least four subject lines. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

Ultimately it comes down to giving people a reason to open your emails and click through. Use a story to sell. Leave people on a cliffhanger that makes them want to click through to your website.

If you have a new collection, for instance, don’t give away the whole collection in the email. Include two or three pictures, then link to your website with a “Click here to see the rest…”

Just try to tease them a little bit so they have a reason to visit your website beyond, “Hey, I have stuff you can buy.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. To hear the full answer you’ll have to listen to the whole podcast. We dive deep!


Everyone’s brand is different. Try all kinds of things and see what works! Be mindful about testing out different subject lines and content styles.

Sign up for other companies’ email lists and see what they’re doing. Some are really good, and some are… not so good. You’ll benefit from doing a bit of research.

You want to be a brand that makes people excited when they get your emails! It takes time and effort to build up to it. You’ve got this!

Listen to the rest of the podcast to find out how often you should be emailing your list, and how deleting people from your list can actually benefit you in the long run… Oooh, how mysterious!

See you next week!

xo, Tracy

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