#215 Exactly What to Do, Ditch, or Delegate to Scale Your Sales

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What makes a jewelry designer successful?

Is it talent? Hard work? Luck?

Not even close! If being talented and working hard was all it takes to make it in the jewelry biz… most jewelry designers would be successful.

In-demand designers succeed because they know what to do, ditch, and delegate to scale sales and work on their business.

This is much easier said than done! You might catch yourself thinking, “No one else can do what I do.”

But… that’s just not true m’dear!

Like many designers, I didn’t want to let go of production when my business started taking off. 

My mind changed when I got a really big order from a wholesale customer that I just could not fill by myself. I hired a local jewelry arts student to come in and help with production.

After that – there was no turning back.

This an inevitable part of scaling a business. But as your business grows and you find yourself running short on time every day, how exactly do you figure out what to do, ditch, and delegate?

That’s what I’ll be talking about today.

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Rank Your Tasks

There are a few different ways to assign value to the tasks you handle every day. I go over a few different exercises in the podcast to help you do this.

One way is to assign a cash value to every task. How much would you have to pay someone else to get the task done?

If you’re trying to be the Chief Visionary Officer of your company, you should not be spending your time on $10/hour, $30/hour, or even $50/hour tasks!

In my opinion, you shouldn’t focus on any tasks less than $100/hour unless you absolutely have to.

Block Out Weekly “Creative Days”

It’s important to spend time away from your business to work on your business. It’s too easy to lose focus of the big-picture when you’re caught up in the chaos of day-to-day agendas.

For me, every Wednesday is my “Creative Day.” No meetings, no tasks from my team, just me working on my business.

Sometimes I’ll use this as design time, but usually, I try to focus on business strategy and learning. Anything that improves the way I run my business and brings me closer to my long-term goals.

And hey, even if you can’t dedicate an entire day each week, block out half a day at least.

It can be difficult to step away, at first. But now, I don’t know how I’d function without my weekly Creative Day.

Set 90-Day Goals

Every quarter, map out no more than 3 project plans. This is your direction for the next 90-days. 

I say no more than 3 because I think having more than 3 becomes overwhelming really fast!

Break your projects down into tangible success metrics. Your most productive hours should be spent on tasks that bring you closer to achieving your quarterly goals.

Yes, weekly and monthly goals are good to have too, but you must keep the big picture in mind. I find it’s a lot easier to do it if you plan out 90 days at a time.

There’s so much more to cover, but you’ll just have to listen to the full episode!

Tune in next week to learn how selling at shows might be killing your business.

Until then,

xo, Tracy

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