This Designer Finally Niched Down, Smashed Her Sales Goals, And Took Control Of Her Business

Niche down and take control of your business

Today I’d like to introduce you to Wendy Hively of Charliemadison Originals. Wendy designs meaningful bracelets to provide everyday reminders of the military and first responder heroes in your life.

Before she joined Momentum, Wendy felt super overwhelmed.

“I was always putting out fires,” Wendy told me. “I would sit down to work and I would have no clue at all what to do.”

“I knew that I needed some direction and some help to ramp up and take my business to the next level, but I didn't really know how to do that. I didn't know where to get help, and basically, I didn't know what I didn't know.”

She needed help putting together her big-picture yearly vision, as well as keeping a running “snapshot” of her business so she always knew where she stood in terms of her sales and financials. 

Wendy also needed help really digging in and honing her ideal client. “I thought that I knew my ideal customer, but I really didn't. I was trying to be too broad. I wasn't niching down far enough,” she explained.

Wendy had already taken a few courses with Flourish & Thrive and knew she was ready for more. “I didn't have any hesitations at all [about joining Momentum] because I had taken Tracy and Robin’s classes and I knew that they offered so much value for the money,” she said.

“I knew that I could get help [in Momentum] with all the different aspects of my business without having to hire six different mentors. I was looking for that guidance and direction into how I could be really the CEO and manage all of the high-level overview of things––finances, marketing, all of that––and be able to hire people and grow my business.”

After she joined Momentum, Wendy got down to business.

Working with our coaches, Wendy quickly implemented four key action items that totally changed her business:

  • She developed a “bird-eye view” spreadsheet tracking everything she needed to know on a monthly basis, including her goals and what she needed to do to reach them.
  • She dove into the 90-Day Sprints, which helped to keep her on track each quarter, focused on the right things to do to move her business forward.
  • She went “all in” on niching specifically to military families. (As Wendy said, “That was a huge game-changer!”)
  • She created a Facebook group, and with guidance from our coaches, built it up to become a community of raving fans, which “has pivoted my business immensely in the past six months,” she told me.

All this hard work really paid off for Wendy! 

  • In her first year of Momentum, she had a 35% increase in sales over the previous year. 
  • Now in her second year, she’s exceeded her goals for Q1 and Q2 and has had a 21% increase over last year––and she’s on track to meeting her stretch goal!
  • The 2019 holiday season was her best yet––she had a 60% increase in sales over the previous year. 
  • Best of all, her Q2 sales for this year skyrocketed to a 75% increase over last year, when she pivoted during COVID by trying some new things out. 
  • In fact, last month (June 2020) was her second-best month EVER! (December 2019 is #1.)

“What I love the most, though,” Wendy said, “is that I have so much more community now.”

Before joining Momentum, Wendy did a little bit on social media and a little bit with email marketing, but nothing was consistent or strategic. 

Now, she explains, “There's a community of women who are really supportive, but they're also crazy raving fans. It amazes me. I can make something and everybody wants it, and it sells out in 24 hours. Two years ago when I started, I wouldn't have believed that if somebody said that, but it’s the truth.”

Sitting confidently in charge of her business, Wendy now feels great and is excited by all the growth that’s still to come. 

She credits her success to being in Momentum: 

“I've loved being part of this program and have grown in so many other ways besides the business/money/statistics. It’s been a time of personal growth and belief in my abilities as a business owner.

“The numbers definitely matter, but there are no numbers I can attribute to the confidence I've gained in myself and my ability to figure out the things I don't know and implement anything I put my mind to.

“Those are the hidden gems of this program!”

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